What Markers Does ZHC Use? (POSCA, Copic, Crayola & More)

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what markers does zhc use

Zachary Hsieh, the fellow behind the Youtube channel “ZHC,” is a 20-year-old American with a passion for comic books and superheroes – and a talent for drawing them with precision.

When Zachary started ZHC in 2019, he never expected it to take off the way it did. His tutorials, techniques, and tests quickly earned him a huge following, and now, he has set a milestone with his video of custom sneakers – 10 million views!

If you are one of his subscribers, you know that he uses a range of markers for his creations. But “What markers does ZHC use exactly?” Find out in the following paragraphs!

Markers That ZHC Uses


ZHC mainly uses markers from POSCA, Copic, Crayola, Volcolor, and Sharpie.

In this video with 1.1M likes, ZHC uses POSCA markers to customize an iPad pro.

POSCA is a 30-year-old brand that offers markers, pencils, and pastels. Its marker line includes 8 different tips and 66 colors. The variety makes these markers extremely versatile. You can use them for small or large projects.

  • Tip Sizes: From 0.7 to 15 mm
  • Colors: Plain colors, glitter colors, fluorescent colors, and metallic colors
  • Uses: Writing, journaling, calligraphy, doodling, drawing, and coloring

1. Other Cool Things About POSCA Markers


  • You can mix colors while the ink is still wet to create gradient effects.
  • You can superimpose layers of colors without smudging them as the ink dries quickly.
  • You can create a spray color effect by blowing on the tips and priming them with paint.
  • You can use POSCA markers on all surfaces, including porous ones.

Zach actually uses POSCA markers in most of his videos. A few others are:

  • I Customized 100 Nintendo Switch, Then Gave Them Away
  • Customizing 1,000 Phone Cases
  • I Customized 100 Airpods Pro, Then Gave Them To People

In this challenge video, Zach fills up an inflatable pool with 50,000 markers for his three friends to color as long as they can. Most of the 50,000 are Copic markers and Crayola markers.

You can get alcohol-based markers in 358 colors for various purposes from Copic. The markers are refillable and typically used along with a colorless blender.

  • Tip Shapes: Chisel and brush
  • Barrel Shapes: Round, oval, and square
  • Colors: 180 (Copic Ciao line), 358 (Copic Sketch line), and 214 (Copic Classic line)
  • Uses: Writing, lettering, layering, shading, coloring, sketching, and drawing

Read more: Cost of posca pens.

2. Other Cool Things About COPIC Markers


  • You can create your own custom ink and marker
  • You can replace the nibs of COPIC markers
  • COPIC markers are all dual-ended

Besides markers, COPIC also offers drawing pens, airbrushes, maintenance tools, and paper.

Crayola is known for offering a colorful range of crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.

You can make broad lines or fine lines with Crayola markers, depending on the variant you have. There are glitter markers, fluorescent markers, and scented markers.

Tip Sizes: Fine, standard, broad

  • Colors: Plain colors, glitter colors, fluorescent colors, and metallic colors
  • Ink Types: Dry-erase, erasable, washable, and permanent
  • Uses: Writing, lettering, doodling, drawing, and coloring

10 million coloring pens were used in this 29.25-minute-long video! And all of them were from Volcolor. Zach used the brand’s dual-tip brush pens, which are made for doodling, coloring, and drawing. They feature water-based ink that is non-toxic, acid-free, and odorless, so they are ideal for adults and kids alike. You can get them in sets of 24 or 36.

Volcolor is under the MoneleN brand, which is a family business. It is driven entirely by a mother and her teen daughter. The brand’s mission is to help people reach their full creative potential!

  • Tip Sizes: One fine tip (0.4mm) and one brush tip (1 – 6mm)
  • Colors: Plain colors, glitter colors, fluorescent colors, and metallic colors
  • Uses: Journaling, lettering, drawing, shading, blending, and coloring

3. Other Cool Things About Volcolor Markers

  • The markers come in unique colors; there are no duplicates
  • The colors of the markers can be blended
  • The brush tips are flexible for versatile strokes

In this video with the Youtuber Unspeakable, Zach has an entire bucket of Sharpie markers. The two randomly picked out three markers to fill out coloring sheets.

Sharpie is a permanent marker brand. Its classic product is the black marker. But it has multiple product lines for the classroom, office, and home. In detail, there are:

  • The Classic Line: The original marker for a bold, long-lasting impression
  • The Specialty Line: Fluorescent markers and metallic markers to make a statement
  • The S-Note Line: 2-in-1 creative markers for writing and note-taking
  • The Art Line: Paint, stain, and brush twin markers for artsy users
  • The Professional Line: Tough markers for non-traditional surfaces

The brand also offers chalk and paint markers, as well as flip charts and fabric markers. These all come in a range of tips and colors. And in addition to markers, Sharpie has pens and highlighters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What type of markers does ZHC use?

ZHC all the standard markers that artists use: alcohol-based markers, water-based markers, oil-based markers, broad-tip markers, chisel-tip markers, fine-tip markers, etc.

What pens does ZHC use?

For ZHC drawings and other artwork pieces, Zach primarily uses POSCA pens. The white and black pens appear in almost every customization video.

What other art supplies does ZHC use?

Aside from markers, pens, paint markers, and paint pens, ZHC uses just paint very often.

  • In videos where he customizes small gadgets, such as iPads, iPhones, and Macbooks, Zach would use spray paint.
  • But when he customizes larger spaces, like walls and warehouses, he uses acrylic paint. In these cases, he would also use paintbrushes, palettes, etc.

To assist the painting process, ZHC also uses tape frequently. For videos that are specifically about drawing and sketching, you will also see Zach and his artist friends or guests use pencils.

Does Zach have his own ZHC markers?

No, Zach does not have his own line of markers. As mentioned in the paragraphs above, he uses markers from POSCA, Copic, Crayola, Volcolor, and Sharpie. He does sell merch, though.


As you have read, the answer to, “What markers does ZHC use?” is POSCA, Copic, Crayola, Volcolor, and Sharpie. Zach, the main artist from ZHC, also uses pens, pencils, and paints. These help him create amazing artwork and inspire others to do the same.

All the brands mentioned are well-known in the world of markers. So, it is not too surprising. Do you use markers from any of these names? Let us know in the comments down below.

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