How to Use a Diamond Painting Pen

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

How to Use a Diamond Painting Pen

A diamond pen is many DIYers’ favorite, as it is a great tool that helps create stunning and intricate diamond art.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to use a diamond pen with ease. With its precise design, the diamond painting pen allows you to place tiny diamond-like gems onto a canvas to form a beautiful image.

How to Use a Diamond Pen?


What To Prepare

Make sure you gather the following diamond painting tools to have a smooth pratice:

  • Refillable diamond painting pen
  • Diamond painting canvas
  • Diamond beads/gems
  • Diamond painting wax or gel
  • Tray

Make sure to place all of your tools on a clean, even, and well-lit workspace.

Step 1. Pour Diamonds Into the Tray


Start with gently pouring a small amount of diamonds into the tray. This preparation step will make it easier to pick them up with your diamond art applicator.

Step 2. Apply Wax or Gel


Dip the tip of the diamond painting pen into the wax or gel you have prepared. This helps create a sticky surface on the pen’s tip, allowing it to pick up diamonds more effectively.

Step 3. Pick Up a Diamond


Touch the pen’s wax-covered tip to the flat side of a diamond gem. The gem will stick to the pen due to the wax or gel. Press down lightly to ensure the diamond adheres to the your jewel art pen canvas.

Step 4. Place the Diamond


Position the pen’s tip over the corresponding symbol on the canvas. Gently press the diamond onto the adhesive area. The diamond will stick to the canvas.

Step 5. Repeat the Process


When there is no wax or gel left, refill a diamond painting pen to continue picking up diamonds one by one and placing them on the canvas according to the symbols. Work slowly to avoid mistakes.

After fishing one color, pour the beads/diamonds of different colors and finish the art using your pen just like above.

Step 6. Make Finishing Touches


Once you have placed all the diamonds using your diamond art tools, go over the canvas to ensure all gems are securely attached. Press down gently on any diamonds that might be slightly raised.

Tips for Diamond Painting Art


  • Practice Picking Up Diamonds: Before you start working on your canvas, practice picking up diamonds from the tray and placing them on a scrap piece of canvas. This will help you get the hang of using the pen and improve your accuracy.
  • Keep The Tip Clean: Regularly wipe the pen’s tip to remove any wax or gel residue. A clean tip will ensure that diamonds adhere properly to the canvas.
  • Start With Smaller Sections: Begin by working on smaller sections of the canvas to build your confidence and accuracy. As you become more comfortable, you can tackle larger and more intricate areas.
  • Work In Rows Or Columns: To avoid accidentally placing diamonds in the wrong spot, work systematically in rows or columns. This will help you keep track of your progress and minimize mistakes.
  • Use Wax Or Gel Sparingly: Apply a small amount of wax or gel to the tip of the pen. Using too much can make the pen too sticky and cause diamonds to clump together.
  • Peel As You Go: As you complete each section, gradually peel off more of the adhesive backing to expose the next area. This ensures that the adhesive remains effective throughout your project.
  • Work With One Color At A Time: This minimizes the need to switch between different shades and allows you to work more efficiently. Concentrating on one color also helps reduce the chances of placing the wrong color diamond in the wrong spot.

Types of Diamond Drill Pens to Stick Beads on Pictures


1. Single-Head Pens

These are the most basic types of diamond painting pens. It features a single tip that is used to pick up and place individual diamond gems onto the canvas. This single-head diamond art pen that holds diamonds are simple and straightforward to use.

2. Multi-Placer Pens

Multi-placer glue pens have multiple tips on a single pen body. These tips are arranged in a row or other patterns, allowing you to pick up and place multiple diamonds at once. They are great for filling in larger areas quickly.

3. Wheel Pens

Wheel pens have a rotating wheel at the tip, which holds multiple diamonds at once. As you press the pen onto the canvas, the wheel releases the diamonds onto the adhesive area. These pens can speed up the process of placing diamonds.


To conclude this guide on how to use a diamond pen, using a diamond painting pen is a creative and relaxing way to craft beautiful diamond art. With careful attention to detail and patience, you will watch your canvas transform into a dazzling masterpiece, all thanks to the precision of the diamond painting pen.

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