How to Use a Colorless Blender Marker? (w/Pictures)

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to use a colorless blender marker

If you are looking for a versatile and simple way to take your artwork to the next level, using a colorless blender is the best option.

It is an inkless type of tool that can be used to adjust colors, even after they have dried. This versatile tool is perfect for creating effects and adding a touch of personality to your work.

Learn how to use a colorless blender marker in this blog post here.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Colorless Blender Markers

What To Prepare

Option #1 – Lay Down Layers Approach


Create your art as normal. You can use colored markers or pencils. It is best to use thick drawing paper.

If your paper is on the thinner side, place a scrap piece of paper beneath it. Moreover, you should avoid using textured paper. It will be much easier to work with smooth paper.

Grab your blending pens, and start from the center of the drawing. Moving the pen outward from this position will dilute the color of the design.

Ensure your transition is smooth. In addition, it is necessary to remember to run your blender in only one direction.

Option #2 – Kiss The Tips Approach


Another way to use blending markers is by touching their tips with those of colored markers. It is important to hold the marker on top and the blender underneath.

You should hold them this way for at least three seconds. Longer contact will result in darker ink, so adjust as necessary. You can test the resulting saturation on a piece of scrap paper.

Use the blender like an ordinary marker, creating gradients. Note that the colors will be darkest first, then fade gradually.

Helpful Tips to Know


Tip #1 – Clean Your Blender Regularly

You must clean colorless blender marker as you go. Wipe them with a paper towel or use them to doodle on another paper and release any ink residue.

If you do not do this before switching colors, you can retransfer the pigment where it should not be and ruin your work. It will also cost you more time and effort fixing your mistakes. So, make it a habit to clean your colorless blender every now and then.

Tip #2 – Know Your Colors

To ensure good results, you need to pay close attention to color selection. Create color swatches and use them to mix and match options. Doing this before going ahead and using your blenders will help you know what to expect.

Tip #3 – Practice A Lot

The key to using blender markers is practice. It is a good idea to practice every day, as much as you can. The more you practice, the better you will become. This includes your mixing, blending, and shading skills. With time, you will be able to hone your abilities and take your artwork to the next level.

Different Ways to Use Colorless Blender Markers


1. Blending

Blending is the primary purpose of colorless blender markers. You probably already know this because of their name! By blending with colorless markers, you can produce gradient and ombre effects. These can be applied to various types of artworks, like landscape drawings and lettering.

2. Shading

You can also use colorless blenders for shading. In portrait projects, for instance, these tools can lighten certain parts to render 3D illusions and make your artwork more realistic.

3. Retouching & Recoloring

You can count on colorless blender markers to retouch details in your artwork. The great thing about these inkless tools is that they can make changes even to pigment that has dried.

You can lighten and darken colors, and even remove ink when you accidentally make mistakes. It is also possible to use them to clean up borders and edges.

4. Adding Textures & Effects

Textures and effects can complete an artwork, and you can depend on colorless blenders for the task. Common patterns that you can consider include dots, brick shapes, highlights, plaids, etc. This function of adding textures and effects is especially typical in hand-lettering creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are some good marker blenders?

There are many manufacturers of colorless marker blenders. Here are three well-known options:

  • Copic Colorless Blender Marker
  • Prismacolor Colorless Blender Marker
  • Ohuhu Colorless Blender Marker

Of these three, if brand reputation does not matter too much, you can use Ohuhu colorless blender. These are not as famous as those from Copic and Prismacolor, but they can still serve their purpose well. They offer great value for the amount we shell out.

How to use Prismacolor colorless blender pencil?

These can be used in the same way as Prisma colorless blender pens. These pencils do not feature pigments. Instead, they have wax and binders. You can use them to blend colors and soften edges or create liquid effects.

To make the most out of these Prismacolor blender pens, there are three tips you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid rigid strokes by drawing in circles or ovals.
  • Light pressure will help control the amount of wax you leave on paper. Don’t be too heavy-handed while using blender pencils.
  • Avoid using dull tools. You will not have to use too much pressure when your blender is sharpened. So, make it a habit to always keep it sharp. However, ensure that the tip does not pierce through paper.


As you have read, it is not tough to learn how to use a colorless blender marker. These inkless tools can be used for various purposes: blending, shading, retouching, recoloring, adding textures and effects, etc.

There are two approaches, each with under 10 steps. Simply read what we have provided carefully and follow along. Feel free to bookmark this page and leave any questions you have in the comments down below.

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