Are Touchliit Markers Any Good? Should You Buy Them?

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

Are Touchliit Markers Any Good

Are you an artist, designer, or creative enthusiast in search of a reliable and vibrant set of markers? Look no further than Touchliit markers!

In this comprehensive Touchlitt marker review, we will delve into the world of Touchliit markers, exploring their features, usability, pros and cons, and much more. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, these alcohol-based markers are designed to unleash your creativity and bring your art to life.

Overview of Touchliit Marker

The Touchliit Marker is a popular brand of alcohol markers known for their exceptional quality and affordability. Artists, illustrators, and designers favor these markers for their vibrant colors and versatile applications.

1. Features and Characteristics

Touchliit markers are available in a variety of sets, with the Touch 80pcs markers offering a comprehensive collection for artists of all levels.

Each marker is equipped with a dual-tip: a fine tip for detailed work and a medium broad tip for wider strokes and coloring larger areas. The dual-tip design allows for flexibility and precision in your artwork.

2. Colors


Touchliit marker sets offer an extensive range of colors, providing artists with a wide spectrum. From bold primary shades to subtle pastels, the marker sets include a diverse colors to suit various artistic styles. These markers allow you to create eye-catching illustrations with ease.

3. Used For

Touch Liit markers are widely used in various artistic disciplines, including illustration, fashion, and graphic design. They are particularly popular for coloring, shading, blending, and adding details to artwork. Whether you are creating a traditional sketch, a comic book, or a fashion illustration, these markers can elevate your work to new heights.

4. Pros and Cons


Like any art tool, Touchliit markers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore them below.


Touchliit markers have many advantages that make them a top choice for artists.

  • Vibrant: Touchliit offers a wide selection of rich, vivid colors that can instantly bring life and vibrancy to your artwork. Whether you are creating bold illustrations or subtle shading, the vibrant colors of Touchliit markers will make your artwork pop.
  • Blendable: Blendability is another exceptional characteristic of Touchliit markers. These markers blend effortlessly, allowing artists to create seamless transitions and gradients. This feature enables you to achieve smooth and professional-looking effects in your artwork.
  • Dual-Tipped: The dual-tip design provides versatility and precision, catering to fine details and larger areas. In addition, it eliminates the need to switch between different markers, saving time and allowing for uninterrupted creative flow.
  • Affordable: Affordability is a significant factor that sets Touchliit Markers apart from high-end brands. These markers offer exceptional quality and performance at a fraction of the price of their counterparts.
  • For artists on a budget or those just starting, Touchliit markers provide an affordable option without compromising color vibrancy or blendability.
  • High-Quality: Touchliit markers are made with high-quality alcohol-based pigments. These pigments deliver consistent, long-lasting results. The colors remain vibrant even after extended periods, ensuring your artwork maintains its brilliance over time.


While Touchliit markers have numerous advantages, there are a couple of minor drawbacks to consider.

  • Slight Color Variations: Some users have noticed slight variations in color consistency between marker sets, which can be a minor inconvenience when creating large projects. However, this issue can be managed by testing and selecting markers from the same set to maintain color uniformity.
  • Bleeding: Some artists have reported bleeding when using Touchliit markers, particularly on thinner or lower-quality paper.

This can result in the colors spreading beyond the intended area, potentially affecting the overall quality of the artwork. To minimize bleeding, it is recommended to use thicker or marker-specific paper that is designed to handle alcohol markers.

  • Smudging: Touchliit markers, like many alcohol-based markers, can be prone to smudging, especially when used on certain surfaces or if the ink is not given sufficient time to dry.

This can be a challenge when working with intricate details or layering colors. Taking precautions such as allowing ample drying time and using a protective sheet underneath the artwork can help prevent smudging.

  • Non-Replaceable Nibs: Unlike higher-end marker brands, Touchliit markers do not offer replaceable nibs. Over time, with frequent use, the nibs can wear down or become damaged.

Unfortunately, with Touchliit markers, the only option is to replace the entire marker. This can be inconvenient and potentially more expensive in the long run.

5. Price


Touchliit markers are renowned for offering excellent value for money. The sets are priced competitively from $14 to $70, making them an affordable option for artists looking to build their marker collection.

While some artists may assume that a lower price tag means sacrificing color vibrancy or blendability, Touchliit markers defy this notion.

The brand has managed to strike a remarkable balance between affordability and exceptional quality, making them a popular choice among artists on a budget.

6. How To Use


To get the most out of your Touchliit markers, consider the following tips and techniques:

  • Experiment with Blending: Touchliit markers blend beautifully, allowing you to create smooth color transitions. Practice blending different shades to achieve stunning effects in your artwork.
  • Layering: Layering multiple colors can add depth and dimension to your illustrations. Start with lighter tones and gradually build up darker shades for a professional-looking result.
  • Practice Stroke Techniques: Explore different stroke techniques to add texture and interest to your artwork. Experiment with hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, and feathering to create unique effects.
  • Paper Selection: While Touchliit markers work well on most paper types, using smooth, heavy-weight paper specifically designed for alcohol markers can enhance your results and prevent bleeding.

Are Touchliit Marker Pens Any Good?

Absolutely! Touchliit markers have gained a strong reputation in the art community due to their exceptional quality and affordability.

These markers offer vibrant colors, blendability, and a versatile dual-tip design, making them suitable for artists of all skill levels. They can produce professional results and are a reliable choice for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

How to Choose The Best Touchliit Marker?

When selecting the best Touchliit marker set for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Skill Level: Touchliit offers sets tailored for different skill levels, ranging from beginner-friendly sets to professional-grade collections. Choose one that aligns with your level of expertise.
  • Purpose: Determine the primary purpose for which you intend to use the markers. If you are into fashion design, for example, you may opt for a set that includes a variety of skin tones and vibrant fashion colors.
  • Color Range: Evaluate the color selection within each set to ensure it aligns with your artistic style and preferences. Consider the diversity of colors, shades, and tones that will best complement your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Touchliit markers refillable?

No, Touchliit markers are not refillable. This means you cannot replenish your favorite colors and extend the life of your markers.

Can Touchliit markers be used on fabric?

Touchliit markers are primarily designed for use on paper and other porous surfaces. While they may produce satisfactory results on certain types of fabric, it is recommended to use fabric-specific markers for optimal performance and longevity.

Do Touchliit markers bleed through paper?

Touchliit markers are alcohol-based, which means they may bleed through thinner or low-quality paper. To avoid bleeding, it is advisable to use heavier-weight paper specifically designed for alcohol markers or place a protective sheet underneath your artwork.

Comparison with Top Brands

When comparing Touchliit markers with other top brands such as Copic or Prismacolor, several factors come into play, including price, color range, and performance.

While Copic and Prismacolor are renowned for their exceptional quality, they also come with a higher price tag.

Touchliit markers offer comparable performance at a significantly more affordable price, making them an excellent alternative for artists on a budget.


If you are searching for high-quality alcohol markers that offer vibrant colors, blendability, and affordability, the Touchliit Marker is a stellar choice.

Hopefully, with this Touchliit marker review, you know more about their dual-tip design, extensive color range, and versatility. These markers cater to artists of all levels and can enhance your creative endeavors.

Unlock your artistic potential and unleash a world of color with Touchliit markers—your perfect companions on the journey of creativity.

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