How to Store Paint Markers & Pens in 4 Clever Ways!

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to store paint markers & pens

One would wonder why they should learn how to store paint markers & pens! For one thing, properly keeping them would prolong their life span! This prevents you from being constantly troubled with dried-out markers and pens.

Putting it simply, keeping oneself in the loop about storing certain types of pens correctly is essential. One word should be remembered when storing paint markers and pens, and that is– horizontal.

As long as these pens are kept in places that let them sit horizontally, you’re all good! Read this article to get organization inspirations and examples!

Ways to store paint markers & pens

Whether it be paint markers, pens, or those dual-tip ones, the best way to store pens like these should be flat on the container! So, below are four easy and innovative methods to keep them like that!

4 Methods to Store Paint Markers & Pens


Method 1: Design an organizer using cardboard!

A readymade rack or storage may be more convenient than making a DIY organizer.

However, there are priceless perks in crafting your own– such as having the exact space needed to keep the markers, saving money, practicing your creativity, and preserving the environment by reusing materials!

With something as simple and basic as cardboard, you can create your DIY organizer to store acrylic paint pens, dual brush pens, and others that need to be horizontally positioned. Here’s what you need to prepare for this method:

  • Cardboard
  • Cutting board with measurements
  • Metal ruler
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Poster paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Transparent contact glue

Step 1: Place the cardboard on top of the cutting board with measurements.

Step 2: Measure the dimensions you need for the organizer.

Step 3: Draw the lines with a pencil.

Step 4: Cut the cardboard along the lines using a utility knife.



Step 5: Paint over the cardboard pieces with poster paint and a paintbrush.


Step 6: Assemble the pieces with transparent contact glue.


Step 7: Arrange your markers in the storage.

Method 2: Utilize a liquor rack!

acrylic paint pens

A liquor rack may be the most effortless yet innovative method to keep paint markers in this guide! Not to mention that they also look sophisticated!

Liquor racks can store oil paint markers and other pens horizontally. This allows the ink or paint to be evenly distributed, letting you execute paint marker techniques without worrying about dried-out markers in the future!

When looking for a liquor rack, check if it has enough space to position posca markers and paint pens easily. Make sure that you can take them out without a hassle too.

You must also take into account the number of pens you have and if the liquor rack can hold all of them. If you need more space, divide the spaces using dividers that complement the style of the liquor rack.

Method 3: Use a DIY organizer using drainage pipes!

best way to store pens

Who would have thought drainage pipes look nice in your art room? Well, you know what they say, the sky’s the limit regarding creativity!

What to prepare for this method:

  • PVC drainage pipes (1-½” size)
  • Handsaw
  • Scissors
  • Patterned paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Super glue or PVC cement

Step 1: PVC drainage pipes come in different sizes, but a 1-½” would be sufficient. Should you have a preferred pipe size, there are a ton of dimension choices from which you can decide.

Step 2: Cut the drainage pipes based on the desired length. Each must be enough to hold your markers.

Step 3: If you do not want the white color that PVC pipes feature, cut pieces of patterned paper and stick them to the pipes using a spray adhesive.

Step 4: Attach the covered pipes with super glue. Otherwise, if the white PVC pipes do not bother you, skip the previous step and stick the tubes together with PVC cement.

Step 5: Arrange your markers in the pipes.

Method 4: Organize them in a Dreambox!

store pens up or down

If you have a huge collection of paint pens and other stationery, you can keep them neat and organized in a Dreambox!

Having a Dreambox is a life-changing moment for every artist, crafter, calligraphist– you name it! It is because Dreamboxes create an all-in-one space for you to store paint pens properly and within reach.

A Dreambox provides a desk for you to work on and multiple acrylic marker storage boxes for your pens and other materials.

Most of its boxes allow you to position your paint markers horizontally, but if you need to store pens up or down, you may also do so!

Frequently Asked Questions

paint marker techniques

Should you store paint markers up or down?

Neither! It would be best if you did not store paint markers up or down. Instead, paint markers and pens must be placed horizontally to even out the paint inside.

Otherwise, storing them up or down may hinder you from executing posca paint pen techniques as intended!

 Can you make diy storage solutions?

Definitely! This guide gives you ideas on making storage organizers using cardboard and drainage pipes. Explore your creative side!

Should you store pens horizontal or vertical?

Paint pens must be stored horizontally so that the paint inside will not separate. To be sure, research the type of pen or marker you own and follow what is required in storing them!

But if no instructions are given, storing them horizontally on the organizer is the best way.


Paint pens are excellent stationery materials, but just like anything under the sun, they should be stored appropriately to prevent shortening their life span.

Innovation has brought a lot of advantages for us. So, maximize it and explore what you can do to keep your paint pens organized. Do not limit yourself to readymade shelves and boxes for them!

Take it from us. Knowing how to store paint markers & pens will be a lifesaver for you and your wallet.

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