How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass? – 7 Simple Ways

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to remove spray paint from glass

If you are looking for ways to clean overspray off glass, you are in the right place! In this article, we will show you how to remove spray paint from glass without spray paint remover. Simple home remedies can help solve the issue if you follow the instructions well.

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Ways to Remove Spray Paint from Glass

Option 1: Using a Razor Blade or Paint Scraper


The first way to get spray paint off glass is with a razor blade or paint scraper. You can try this easy manual process with just a few items.

The materials you will need:

  • A sharp razor blade or paint scraper
  • A cloth and sponge
  • Some soapy water
  • A pair of gloves

Follow these steps:

  • Put on your gloves to safely scrape the glass.
  • First, use a cloth or sponge dampened in soapy water to go over the glass surface. This should soften up the dried spray paint. Make sure to dry the glass before you proceed.
  • Next, hold your blade or scraper at around a 45 angle to the glass, steadying your hand.
  • Scrape the paint off bit by bit. Apply gentle pressure, remembering never to press too hard to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • If you are having trouble, loosen up the paint again with soapy water. And wait for the surface to completely dry before scraping again.
  • Once all of the paint has been removed, wet another clean cloth and use it to wipe away any residue. You can also enlist the help of a glass cleaner if necessary.

If you do not feel comfortable with this, there are other without-razor options.

Keep reading!

Option 2: Using Water Pressure


This second approach involves using water pressure to clean spray paint off glass. It is notably useful for removing stains from windows and, even better, fairly simple.

But it is essential to test the water pressure and nozzle beforehand, ensuring it is just right and can work safely.

The materials you will need:

  • A pressure washer
  • A cleaning solution
  • A cloth or sponge

Note: You must get a pressure washer with a wide-angle nozzle to evenly distribute the water pressure.

The steps to take:

  • To start, cover the paint-stained area with a cleaning solution of your choice. You can go with something simple like soapy water. Either spray it on or apply it with a cloth or sponge.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes, loosening up the paint and making it easier to remove.
  • Then, spray water against the surface from a distance. Do this until you clear your paint.
  • Feel free to move the pressure washer back and forth, mimicking wiping motions. This can help take off spray paint from glass faster.
  • Once the paint is gone, go over the glass surface again with a dry cloth. Check that there are no residues left.

Option 3: Using Acetone


Using acetone is one of the most effective methods of removing spray paint from a glass surface, as well as mirrors.

Note: Acetone is a strong solvent, so it is important to wear gloves and safety glasses when using it. You should also work in a well-ventilated area.

The materials you will need:

  • Acetone
  • A cloth, sponge, or cotton pad (Optional)
  • An old toothbrush (Optional)
  • Another cloth

The steps to take:

  • Pour a small amount of acetone directly onto the paint. Allow it to sit for several minutes, then wipe it away with a clean cloth or tissue.

Or, you can dampen a cloth, sponge, or cotton pad with acetone, then use it to work the paint off.

  • For stubborn spots, an old toothbrush can be used for scrubbing.
  • Once you have gotten rid of the paint, wipe the glass again with a wet cloth.

Option 4: Using Rubbing Alcohol


If you do not want to use acetone to remove paint from glass, you can consider this next approach, which also works exceptionally well for plastic surfaces.

Rubbing alcohol can be used to dissolve the spray paint, which leaves you to simply wipe away the colors with a damp cloth or tissue.

The materials you will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A cloth, sponge, or cotton pad (Optional)

The steps to take:

  • Soak a cloth, sponge, or cotton pad in rubbing alcohol.
  • Use the soaked cloth/sponge/cotton pad to scrub the spray paint.
  • Apply gentle pressure to avoid causing damage to the glass surface.
  • Work the paint off in circular motions. Do this until there is no paint left.
  • Re-soak your cloth/sponge/cotton pad as needed.

Note: When the alcohol evaporates, it should take any residue. However, you can go over the surface with a wet cloth if there is still a film or several streaks.

Option 5: Using hair spray


Hair spray is another viable option for dealing with paint overspray on glass. You can count on its alcohol content to break down the paint particles.

Prepare the following:

  • Hair spray
  • A dry cloth
  • A wet cloth

Follow these steps:

  • Hold your hair spray about a palm’s length away from the glass and spray.
  • Make sure the hair spray covers all of the painted areas.
  • Set the hair spray aside and grab a dry cloth. Use it to scrub the paint off.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 until the spray paint disappears.
  • Clean the glass surface again with a wet cloth.

Option 6: Using Vinegar


Vinegar, specifically white vinegar, can help you remove spray paint from glass, and it is a surprisingly simple process.

The materials you will need:

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • A mixing container (Such as a spray bottle)
  • A cloth or paper towel
  • Another cloth
  • Some soapy water

The steps to take:

  • Start by wiping the glass with a cloth soaked in water and soap. This should help remove any surface grime and residue and loosen up the spray paint.
  • Next, prepare a dilute solution of white vinegar and water (about 1 part vinegar to three parts water). We recommend doing this in a spray bottle; the application will be easier later.
  • If you do use a spray bottle, spray the solution directly on the glass surface. If not, pour it onto a cloth or paper towel, and use it to rub the glass in circular motions.
  • Work the paint diligently to lift it away.
  • Clean the glass surface with a cloth and soapy water once the paint is gone.

Option 7: Using Oil


Note: This method is only effective on non-reflective glass surfaces.

What you need:

Oil can break down the paint molecules and eventually eliminate the spray paint.

  • Oil (Vegetable oil or baby oil)
  • Three soft cloths
  • Some soapy water

The steps to take:

  • Begin by using a soft cloth to wipe away excess spray paint from the glass surface. This should also clear away any dirt or dust.
  • Next, apply a small amount of oil to a fresh cloth and rub it over the paint.
  • Use circular motions and firm but gentle pressure to work the paint until it fades.
  • Rinse the cloth occasionally and re-apply oil to it for the scrubbing.
  • Afterward, clean the glass with another cloth and some soapy water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does spray paint come out of glass?

Yes, spray paint comes out of glass. So, if you have an overspray mishap or are a victim of graffiti, do not fret! You can use any of the above methods to remove the spray paint. All the approaches we shared used common household items!

Can WD-40 remove paint from glass?

Yes, it can. While it is not effective for erasing paint from skin, it is useful for removing paint from glass, including car windows.

Another great thing about it is that it will help you get rid of other aesthetic eyesores, as well. It can eliminate grime, dust, water spots, and more.

What is the easiest way to remove paint from glass?

Unfortunately, there is no single “easiest way to remove paint from glass.” Because each surface and paint stain is distinct, you will need to play around and find the best method for you.


Now that you have learned how to remove spray paint from glass, you can give the methods a try and find the best solution for your case. It might need a blast of water from a pressure washer, or you might have to spare some time to scrape it with a blade.

Or, you might have to seek help from solutions like vinegar, acetone, or rubbing alcohol. In any case, though, the materials are likely already lying around your house.

Read more: Ways to remove permanent marker from glass.

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