How to Remove Permanent Marker From Laminate Objects?

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to remove permanent marker from laminate

Have you ever had the urge to scrub off permanent marker stains on laminated surfaces around the house? You know, those innocent little accidents we made as children– writing anywhere with markers, not knowing they’re permanent.

It’s totally normal! As adults, we want our house to look clean and professional so that we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of guests.

This article shows you seven ways on how to remove permanent marker from laminate furniture and objects. Don’t worry, we’ll be done in no time, since these methods are not very complex!

Ways to Get Permanent Marker Off Laminated Objects


All seven tricks below are relatively easy to do! So, just look for the method that fits your preference perfectly, one with items you can easily acquire. Let’s get on to it!

Method #1: Vegetable oil


What to prepare for this method

  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towels
  • Sponge
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Clean water

Vegetable oil is an excellent ingredient to start with, since it is commonly found in the kitchen for cooking! This liquid will remove marker stains from your laminate countertop and laminate floor in no time. Just follow these steps!

  1. Pour enough vegetable oil directly on a piece of paper towel– not too much so the paper towel won’t turn soggy.
  2. Do not fold the paper towel. Instead, lay it flat on the surface from which you are trying to remove permanent marker stains.
  3. Wait for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. Once the oil has dried, take the tissue off the area and grab another piece of paper towel.
  5. Add vegetable oil onto the new piece of paper towel and wipe the surface with it, exerting a little bit of force.
  6. Repeat the process if needed. Once you are satisfied with the results, clean the surface using a sponge soaked in clean water and some liquid dishwashing soap.

Method #2: Baking soda solution


What to prepare for this method

  • Bowl
  • Clean water
  • Baking soda
  • Spoon
  • Paper towel

This method works great in erasing permanent marker off of a non-porous and porous surface. Follow the steps below for non-porous or laminated items!

  1. In a bowl, add clean water and baking soda. Put in a little water at a time, so it’s easier to adjust the consistency of the mixture. The goal is to form a paste and not a liquid.
  2. Mix the solution with a spoon.
  3. Perhaps you are trying to get permanent marker off laminate wood. In this case, pour the mixture on top of the affected area and leave it be for a couple of hours.
  4. Wipe the wood with a paper towel and repeat the process if needed.

For porous surfaces such as a couch, scatter baking soda directly on the area and gently scrub it with a soft bristle cleaning brush until the ink is removed.

Method #3: Rubbing alcohol


What to prepare for this method

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs or cotton balls
  • Soft rag

Rubbing alcohol cleans permanent marker from various surfaces, from plastic to fabric! If you’re attempting to get ink off laminate surfaces, it will work as well.

  1. Dab an ample amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball. You may also use a cotton swab for smaller areas that are harder to clean.
  2. Neatly rub the surface, from top to bottom or left to right. This motion would soak up all the ink from the laminate.
  3. Wipe the excess liquid with a soft rag.

The process above can also be used to remove deep permanent ink stains from melamine surfaces!

Method #4: Acetone


What to prepare for this method

  • Gloves
  • Face mask
  • Acetone
  • Soft rag
  • Cotton swab or ball

Acetone does the job for many kinds of surfaces. For instance, it can get ink off a carpet or vinyl floor. For laminated items such as a countertop from Formica or laminated paper, do the steps below.

  1. Wear gloves and a face mask, since acetone is a chemical that may be harmful to your respiratory system.
  2. Pour acetone directly on a soft rag.
  3. Lay the rag flat on the area with permanent marker stains.
  4. After 5 minutes, remove the rag and take a cotton ball or swab. Pour an ample amount of acetone on it.
  5. Rub the area with the solution until the ink is less noticeable. Note that acetone quickly evaporates, so you may have to repeat this step until you achieve the desired outcome.
  6. Make sure you clean the laminate afterward.

Method #5: Melamine sponge


What to prepare for this method

  • Bowl
  • Clean water
  • Melamine sponge

If you want to remove Sharpie from laminate objects, melamine foam may also be a suitable product to solve your problem! Below are the steps.

  1. Fill your bowl with clean water.
  2. Dip the melamine foam into the water, just enough to make it damp.
  3. Slowly scrub the surface with the damp melamine foam to get rid of Sharpie marks on it.

This process to get Sharpie off laminate surfaces will be easy if the ink marks have not completely dried off yet or have not been on the surface for a long time.

Method #6: Dry-erase marker


What to prepare for this method

  • Bowl
  • Warm water
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Soft rag
  • Dry-erase marker

Topping the permanent marker stain with a dry-erase marker is a clever way to remove permanent marker stains from laminate flooring and floor tiles!

  1. Prepare a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of liquid dishwashing soap to it.
  2. Dampen a soft rag using the solution and leave it be.
  3. Take your dry-erase marker and draw on top of the permanent marker stain. Do this portion by portion.
  4. Before letting the marker ink dry, quickly take the damp rag and wipe the area with it.
  5. Do the same process on the other portions of the stain.

Method #7: Citrus cleaner solution


What to prepare for this method

  • Store-bought citrus cleaner solution
  • Empty trigger pump spray bottle
  • Soft rag

If you cannot find any citrus-based cleaner solutions in your local stores, make one with white vinegar as an ingredient, since vinegar remove permanent marker stains. But if you have a premade product, below are the steps to use it on laminated objects.

  1. If the citrus cleaner does not come in a spray bottle, transfer the solution into an empty trigger pump spray bottle.
  2. Spray generously on the affected areas.
  3. Rub the area with a soft rag.
  4. Repeat the whole process if needed.


Knowing how to remove permanent marker from laminate objects is definitely handy, especially if you prefer your furniture or other items to be squeaky clean and shiny.

So, do not ever worry if your child has accidentally written on your countertop or floor! Hopefully, this article gave you hope in achieving a house free from spots and stains.

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