How to Remove Permanent Marker From Glass? – 6 Ways

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to remove permanent marker from glass

There are some permanent marker antics that everyone remembers vividly. At some point, we’ve all wondered how to get rid of an unsightly Sharpie mark.

You probably found this post because you’ve recently found yourself wondering how to get Sharpie off of glass. To put it simply, we’ve got your back.

We’ll show you the proper technique on how to remove permanent marker from glass. Furthermore, we will address frequently asked questions that you may have.

Ways to Get Rid of Permanent Marker on Glass


Method 1: Using WD-40 Multi-use Spray

Removing permanent marker stains from clothes or on skin may be relatively easy, but removing them from glass surfaces is way easier.


WD-40 is a known lubricant with many purposes, like forbidding rust and corrosion from metal in garages and industrial yards.

Likewise, you can also use this with your current problem, which is to get permanent marker off glass. Let us get started.

What to prepare?

  • WD-40 multi-use spray
  • Face mask
  • Protective gloves
  • Cotton balls/ swabs
  • Paper towel
  • Regular glass cleaner/dishwashing liquid
  • Damp cloth/ Wet wipes


  • Safety first! Ensure the room has proper ventilation, and wear a face mask and protective gloves.
  • For horizontal glass surfaces, spray generously on the stained areas. For small corners, you can use the swab soaked with WD-40 to rub the ink off.
  • For vertical glass surfaces, spray WD-40 on cotton balls to apply to prevent the chemical from slipping on the non-porous surface.
  1. Wait for 2 – 5 minutes for the agent to work on old and stubborn ink stains.
  2. Wipe the stained surface with a clean damp cloth. You can also use cotton balls or swabs to clean the tricky corners.
  3. Then, use the cotton ball to apply glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid mixed with water to the oil residue, if any.
  4. Use paper towels to clean the surface for the last time, and voila! You successfully got rid of an eye-sore.

Method 2: Using Rubbing Alcohol


Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is the most famous Sharpie stain remover. Rubbing alcohol is safe to use, but we recommend wearing protective gloves if you have sensitive skin.

As it is the best way to get rid of Sharpie, subtly wiping the surface will do the trick. However, you may need to add more pressure if it is an old permanent ink stain.

What to prepare?

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towel
  • Damp cloth/ Wet wipes
  • Protective gloves


  • Dab enough rubbing alcohol on a paper towel until it is slightly soaked.
  • Carefully wipe the stained area. We also advise you to wipe the surface with every piece of paper towel once to avoid smudging the glass with more ink.
  • Use a damp cloth or wet wipes to clean off Sharpie oil residue.
  • Again, wipe the surface with a dry paper towel to dry it off.

Method 3: Using Acetone

Acetone or propanone is the common ingredient in nail polish removers. Just like rubbing alcohol, you can also use this solution to erase Sharpie stains.

Likewise, it is a more potent compound than rubbing alcohol, so be careful while using it. Follow standard safety procedures such as wearing protective gloves while you remove sharpie from glass by wiping acetone on its stained surface.

Method 4: Using Magic Eraser


Have you heard of a magic eraser? It looks like a sponge, but it’s more than just a sponge! From its name, it erases stains like magic.

Furthermore, this is due to the chemicals inside the magic eraser, which makes everything convenient. You just have to soak it in water to activate its powers!

What to prepare?

  • Magic eraser
  • Water
  • Disposable cup/ Mixing bowl
  • Damp cloth/ Wet wipes


  • Fill a disposable cup with tap water until it is half full.
  • Soak the magic eraser in the water, then squeeze it gently to remove the dripping water.
  • Thoroughly wipe the Sharpie paint marker stains with the magic eraser.
  • Wipe the glass surface again with a damp cloth if there is still ink or oil residue.

In addition, you can also use dry erase markers to remove permanent marker stains from plastic and from wood surfaces.

Method 5: Using Dry Erase Markers

Permanent markers leave a lasting ink on every surface their nibs land on, especially a vibrant black marker.

For this reason, many people found it interesting when dry erase markers were first introduced. They can be easily erased when applied on non-porous surfaces.

Moreover, another remarkable fact about these markers is that you can use them to take off Sharpie from smooth surfaces like glass.

What to prepare?

  • Dry erase markers
  • Damp cloth/ Wet wipes
  • Paper towel


  • Draw over the markings with a dry erase marker. Using the same color as the stain is preferable for better results, but other marker colors will also do.
  • Get a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the permanent marker stains on the glass. You will see immediate results, so wipe until it is fully erased.
  • If what you are trying to get out Sharpie stain is old, there may be ink residue. You just have to repeat the process to eliminate the markings.

Hence, it may also be called a “magic marker” after knowing what a dry erase marker can do.

Method 6: Using Toothpaste and Baking Soda


Suppose you do not have the materials needed to carry out the previous methods; you can easily find this method’s required materials in your bathroom and cupboard.

Baking soda does not only belong to the kitchen; it can also be a fantastic cleaning agent when mixed with other substances like toothpaste. Here’s how.

What to prepare?

  • Toothpaste
  • Baking soda
  • Disposable cup/ Mixing bowl
  • Spoon
  • Old toothbrush
  • Paper towel
  • Damp cloth/ Wet wipes


  • Pour a half cup of baking soda into a disposable cup.
  • Squirt toothpaste in the cup equal to the amount of baking soda.
  • Mix the two ingredients with a spoon.
  • Apply a generous amount of the mixture to the permanent ink markings.
  • Thoroughly brush the surface with an old toothbrush until the dried ink is fully dissolved.
  • Use a paper towel or wet wipes to clean the surface from the sticky mixture and if there is ink residue.

With the solutions laid out above, you don’t have to ask questions like how to get Sharpie come off glass in dishwasher and other surfaces.

Consequently, you also found that removing Sharpie stains from surfaces like glass tile, frosted glass, and glass mirror is not that hard.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you planning to go on Reddit to learn more? Hang around because we’ve got it covered by answering other questions that are bugging your mind.

How do you remove dried permanent markers from glass?

You can remove dried permanent markers from a glass surface by wiping a paper towel or cotton ball soaked with cleaning agents on the stained area.

Using dry erase markers and magic erasers also works wonders if you want to try other ways to get Sharpie off window or other glass surfaces.

What removes permanent markers?

WD-40 multi-purpose spray, rubbing alcohol, acetone, magic eraser, dry erase markers, and toothpaste with baking soda can remove permanent marker stains on glass.

It is as simple as applying these cleaning agents to the stained area to eliminate the markings. Then, repeat the process to get your desired result.

How do you get pen off glass?

Removing a pen stain off a glass surface is much the same as with permanent markers. You would also need to choose your preferred cleaning agents.

Using rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, glass cleaner, all-purpose spray cleaner, and aerosol hairspray can do the trick. Simply put, you need to apply your preferred cleaner to the stained area with a paper towel.

How to get permanent marker off mirror?

The easiest way is using a nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Then, dab a generous amount on a cotton ball to get Sharpie off a mirror.

From mirror shots to aesthetic goals, you don’t have to worry anymore about annoying stains!


It seems like your indelible problem is not that permanent. Sometimes we get preoccupied with challenges and tend to ignore that the solution is right in front of us.

Using home remedies like toothpaste and baking soda can do the trick. You can also use known cleaning solutions like acetone and rubbing alcohol.

Indeed, there are several ways on how to remove permanent marker from glass.

If you find this content helpful, feel free to share it to your friends! Have a nice day!

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