What is a Laundry Marker? Mark What’s Yours!

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

what is a laundry marker

Have you ever experienced misplacing your pants at the time you need them? Or did you see your roommate mistook your jacket for theirs? There are times you might even lose a favorite sweatshirt at the local laundry shop.

One small thing can prevent all these – a laundry marker. You may be wondering ‘what is a laundry marker?’ It is a type of permanent marker manufactured to label clothes.

You heard it right! Read ahead to know how to use it.

What is a Laundry Marking?


A laundry marker, also called fabric marker, is a type of pen that produces permanent ink applicable for marking apparel or clothing. These laundry markers are used to label clothes to prevent a mix-up when washing your clothes along with others.

A laundry marker pen may come in varying nib sizes and types, as well as differing colors. You may also choose a white laundry marker if you wish to write on areas with darker hues. This is also ideal for dark clothes to be marked visibly.

Their features and functions are similar to that of permanent markers. That’s why both pens work similarly.

The main difference between a laundry marker and permanent marker is that the latter may not be waterproof while the former is. Laundry markers are manufactured to resist getting washed off by water.

Some of these pens can stay intact on the fabric even when one wishes to wash the garment at a high water temperature!

What Are Laundry Markers Used for?

Anyone of all ages can use a laundry marking pen– but like anything, children must be observed when handling laundry markers as they may decide to ingest them.

Considering that any individual can use fabric markers, their applications are rather versatile. Do not restrain yourself from using laundry markers exclusively for labeling clothes. The sky’s the limit!


Here are a couple of ideas for which you can use laundry markers:

  • Say goodbye to itchy tags! If you are the type who hates dangling tags or those that are not entirely affixed on the fabric. Gently remove the tag and jot down the size and other information on the cloth using the marker.
  • Create your fabric art masterpiece! Use laundry markers to draw on fabrics to make wall hangings, table cloths, sofa covers, and other home decorations to up the interior accents to any room.
  • Let your children unleash the creativity in them! Provide them a shirt with the color of their choice and let them scribble, doodle, and draw on it. This recreational activity is an alternative to classic paper and crayons.

How to Use Laundry Markers?


If you want to know the general instructions for any or most laundry markers, here’s a list of what you need to keep in mind when using a permanent laundry marker:

  • If you are not confident with the ability of your marker to avoid oozing over the other side, place a spare cloth beneath the garment or any porous surface that can absorb the ink that leaks behind.
  • To check its applicability on your garment, write on a separate cloth– preferably with the same kind of fabric. This lets you evaluate whether an indelible laundry marker is worth writing on the intended apparel.
  • Take advantage of the available colors! Use different colors to classify further and separate clothes. This is beneficial, especially if your main reason for labeling clothes is to prevent an apparel mix-up with your roommate or sibling!
  • Likewise, it would help if you also looked into the different nib sizes and types. Use what you believe is appropriate for your garment!
  • Let the ink dry before washing the clothes. Of course, you would not want a splat of ink on your clothing for no reason! This might happen if the ink spreads due to the failure to let it dry.

Also, it’s best if you do not apply the marker in areas that often rub against the skin is not recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use a laundry marker?

Anyone can use a clothes marker pen. If you live with a roommate or in a dorm, it would be best if you mark your clothes.

Is a laundry marker the same as a Sharpie?

Sharpie is a brand specializing in pens and markers, while a laundry marker is a generalized term for markers used for clothes. Sharpie has its laundry marker product called Sharpie rub a dub laundry marker.

Some people prefer an ordinary laundry marker vs Sharpie. But many are loyal to the brand due to its great reputation and quality products.

What is a good alternative for laundry markers?

If you wish to label your apparel temporarily, you can use any visible marker to serve its purpose. But if you want to put a permanent mark on your clothes, a good alternative for laundry markers is permanent markers!

However, permanent markers might smudge the shirt– which is why laundry markers are a thing!

Do laundry markers wash out?

The main purpose of laundry markers is for people to label their clothes with ink that does not wear off when repeatedly washed. However, the outcomes may differ depending on the brand. For instance, Sharpie laundry markers claim to produce permanent ink that does not leak.

But depending on the brand or type, the ink from fabric markers may disappear after frequently washing the clothes. Therefore, there is no definite answer as to whether laundry pens do not wash out.

How much does a laundry marker cost?

Usually, laundry markers cost similarly to permanent markers or other pens. Prices may vary from store to store, but they are generally inexpensive and can be bought with a few dollars! For instance, you can get a pair of Sharpie laundry markers at about $7.

Additionally, they are accessible products and can be bought in your local outlets, like Target!


A laundry marker is explicitly made for different kinds of fabric. It prevents people from being disorganized and having a wardrobe mix-up! It is indeed a must for those who live under the same roof as other people.

But do you think laundry markers are valuable and practical for you? If you think so, then the information this article provided on what is a laundry marker was definitely helpful!

But if you don’t think so, at least you know more about laundry pens now– always remember, knowledge is power!

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