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how many copic markers are there

Hardly surprising, Copic markers are preferred by many art creators due to their wide range of capabilities to make remarkable artworks.

Since Copic markers can serve many functions, it is only reasonable for artists to possess a multitude of colors and marker types with which they can work!

So, how many Copic markers are there? If you intend to explore the entire collection, you should be aware that there are 358 Copic markers, which encompass all types.

The Comprehensive List of Copic Marker Types

There are four types of Copic markers– each serving different purposes. Don’t worry, as we will walk you through every kind and give you an informative guide to understanding which one is best for you. Read on!

#1: Copic Ciao Markers (180 colors)


The Copic Ciao is a simple type of marker made for starters, students, and children who desire to acquire the skill of blending and layering colors.

Although this Copic marker is the most basic type, the Copic Ciao full set is surprisingly available in 180 shades! On top of that, Copic Ciao is more inexpensive than the other Copic marker types.

Therefore, it is the perfect type for those who wish to learn and practice making artwork with other Copic markers. In other words, the Copic Ciao is the junior marker for artists!

  • The stem of the Ciao marker is 150 millimeters long and has a rounded shape, containing about 1.4 milliliters of dyed alcohol-based ink which you can refill once finished.
  • The marker is also bendable for easier shading and has two nibs on each end– the Medium Broad and Super Brush tips.

The Medium Broad tip is often referred to as the chisel nib, which has a slanted tip to enable different sizes of lines. The Super Brush tip is also known as the brush nib and is excellent for calligraphy and color blending.

But if you think having other nib types is useful, the Copic Ciao has replaceable ends. What a fantastic starter pen, right?

So, for those who are looking for Copic Markers cheap products that offer good features, the Copic Ciao fits the needs right!

#2: Copic Classic Markers (214 colors)


The Copic Classic also goes by the name Copic Original since this type is the first ever marker variant the brand introduced. The Classic marker possesses qualities esteemed by art professionals from the 80s until today.

  • The Classic type is 145 millimeters long and has the iconic square-shaped stem, capable of holding at least 2.4 milliliters of dyed alcohol-based ink– much more than Ciao’s 1.4 milliliters!
  • The complete set offers 214 Copic colors, wherein a few are different from the Copic Ciao set of shades! The Copic Classic is refillable, bendable, and has varying nib shapes on both ends– the Broad and Fine tips.

The Broad tip or chisel nib on the Copic Original is larger than the Ciao marker type, which allows users to draw thicker lines. The Fine tip, otherwise known as the bullet nib, is best for lettering as it has a rounded but slightly pointed end– similar to a bullet.

  • However, Copic manufactured seven other nib types for the Classic marker bought separately. So, this marker type has nine nibs in total to satisfy the artist’s needs.

The Copic Original costs more than the Ciao type, but it must be said that a complete copic collection will definitely not be achieved without these classics!

#3: Copic Sketch Markers (358 colors)


The Copic Sketch is the brand’s best-selling and most popular marker type. It has 358 Copic colors, belonging to various families of hue that Copic designed for wider color schemes.

That is why it is recommended to make a color palette guide for a marker available in this many shades to formulate the best blending. With the complete Sketch marker set, your color chart stretches far and wide… literally!

  • The 150-millimeter bendable stem designed for the Sketch type is in the shape of an oval, which is claimed to be more comfortable to use than the Classic type and prevents rolling, unlike the Ciao type.
  • It can contain 1.8 milliliters of dyed alcohol-based ink and is priced the same as the Copic Classic
  • The Copic Sketch 358 markers are popular with art professionals since their shade availability is exceptionally helpful in rendering advanced artworks such as architectural renderings, fashion sketches, and realism.
  • The Sketch type also has differing types of nibs attached on each end of the pen, identical to the Copic Ciao– the Medium Broad and the Super Brush tips.

Having a Copic complete Sketch collection will inevitably advance your skills in shading, layering, and blending colors on your artwork!

#4: Copic Wide Markers (36 colors)


The Copic Wide is about as long as the Sketch and Ciao types. It also has an oval-shaped stem, like the Sketch. However, the Copic Wide is a strikingly differentiated type from all Copic marker sets.

  • While the three above-mentioned Copic markers have nibs attached on the two ends of the marker stem, the Copic Wide features a single broad nib that is 21 millimeters wide– the Extra Broad tip.
  • The wider nib allows users to spaciously shade areas in a short matter of time and the pointed ends of the nib for thin strokes.
  • Although it has only one end for drawing, it contains approximately 6 milliliters of dyed alcohol-based ink! It is available in 36 colors, and these shades are barely similar to one another, which is convenient for various uses.
  • Copic Wide markers are sold in ink-filled stems and empty stems as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Copic markers do you need?

All the Copic marker cost money and effort for one to obtain. With the advantages of each Copic marker type, it is undoubtedly worth getting the complete set, especially if you are a collector.

But if you are price sensitive, selecting the type/s most suitable for your artistic needs and budget is best.

Why should one prefer Copic markers over others?

Copic markers produce vibrant colors that one can creatively blend all together. The marker’s nibs can be replaced, and its ink is alcohol-based, not toxic, and can be refilled.

The markers enable artists to develop artworks that are a feast for one’s eyes. That is why Copic markers have been on the market for about 40 years!


How many Copic markers are there? Copic markers go above and beyond what professional artists need to render such art pieces that help make the world a magnificent place to be in.

Unquestionably, the Copic Ciao, Classic, Sketch, and Wide markers are artists’ prized possessions for a reason!

If you’re hoping to get all the Copic marker sets, you should already know how many markers are there and that each type offers various exciting features– thanks to this article. Of course, just remember to organize them well to prevent losing them!

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