How Long is a Crayola Marker? – Average Length

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how long is a crayola marker

Crayola is a well-known brand that helps bring out everyone’s creativity through its colorful crayons and markers. Suppose your interest is piqued, and you suddenly wonder, how long is a Crayola marker? You should know that the answer depends on the type.

There are many types of Crayola markers in different lengths and sizes. And the standard range for these Crayola markers is 5.3 to 7.81 inches. Continue reading to know the additional details per product.

Crayola Marker Length


Product Length in inches Length in centimeters
Crayola Ultra-Clean Markers
And Blue Crayola marker
5.375 13.65
Fine Line Crayola Markers 6.08 15.44
Crayola Broad Line Markers 5.41 13.74
Crayola Dual-Tip Markers 7.81 19.84
Crayola markers black barrel 5.63 14.3
Crayola watercolor marker 7.75 19.68

Below are some interesting facts you should know about the most sought-after Crayola markers.

1. Crayola Ultra-Clean Marker

These markers are widely loved for their classic shades, thus making them perfect for children. As these are also washable Crayola markers, cleaning accidental mess wouldn’t be that challenging. Therefore, they are probably the most common markers found in classrooms.

They often come with conical tips for easy coloring and writing, both thick and thin lines. Due to the length of 5.375 inches, they fit the student’s grip nicely with minimal fatigue.

2. Crayola Broad Line Markers

Since 1978, when the first set of Crayola markers 8 count were introduced, the company has continuously improved their products. Broad line markers are one of the classic art tools offered by Crayola, and the length of these products in inches is 5.41, equivalent to 13.74cm.

The size of these markers will surely fit cute children’s bags. Moreover, it is also ideal for children aged three and above with small hands since they are easier to control.

You should also know that these markers have conical tips, which makes drawing thin or thick lines more manageable. You can also try Jumbo Crayola markers to draw broader lines.

3. Crayola Fine Line Markers

If you are an artist who aspires to create artwork with precision, you probably know these skinny Crayola markers.

If you are wondering how many inches is the length of these markers, the answer is 6.08 or 15.44 centimeters.

These fine line markers have vibrant colors and marker tips perfect for detailed works of art. Moreover, you can purchase these Crayola markers in 40 colors.

If you want more color choices, you can check out the Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, which is the Crayola markers 100-count set.

There are also different colored-theme sets like tropical Crayola markers or fine-line skin tone markers. Hence, it’s impossible to run out of choices with Crayola markers.

4. Crayola Dual-Tip Markers

Dual-ended markers are always attractive to the eyes of practical buyers. Who wouldn’t be tempted to buy a set of 10 markers and get twenty colors, right?

Ever wondered how long Crayola dual-ended markers are? They are 7.81 inches long, the longest among the three types. It is most likely because of the double Crayola marker cap.

If you are more familiar with measurement in cm or m, a dual-ended marker is 19.84 centimeters long.

Another reason why these markers are incredible is that they are the fusion of the broad line and fine line markers! You get your money’s worth.

How Long is the Average Crayola Marker?


As shown above, you can expect the Crayola markers to be from 5.375 inches to 7.81 inches. Choosing the markers based on their length also helps in maneuvering and creating better lines. You should also pay attention to this when selecting markers for your kids.


Now, you know how long is a Crayola marker? You can estimate the space you need to allot on your pen organizer, travel bag, or your drawing table if you plan to purchase Crayola markers.

Perhaps you were curious or wanted to add something to your extensive knowledge about markers. We genuinely hope this information is helpful for you.

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