How Long Do Ohuhu Markers Last? Things to Know!

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

How Long Do Ohuhu Markers Last

Ohuhu markers have become a favored tool for artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike. These markers have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and affordability.

But amid the multitude of artistic tools available, an important question prevails: How long do Ohuhu markers last?

The average lifespan of Ohuhu markers is between 6 months and a year, but it can also vary depending on several factors.

We will explore the circumstances that can affect the longevity of Ohuhu markers, both when left open and unopened, as well as tips to extend their lifespan for optimal performance and artistic enjoyment.

How Long Do Ohuhu Markers Last?

1. Ohuhu Markers Longevity


Ohuhu markers’ average lifespan ranges from 6 months to a year. But their specific longevity can vary based on multiple factors, and understanding these factors is crucial for maximizing their usage and getting the best value out of these art supplies.

2. When Left Open


There is no specific duration, but in general, when markers are left exposed without their caps securely placed, the ink inside them is susceptible to drying out over time.

Drying out can lead to a reduction in the markers’ vibrancy and render them less effective for creating those stunning artistic designs.

Therefore, it is essential to be diligent in capping the markers immediately after use to preserve the ink’s fluidity and ensure the markers’ overall longevity.

3. When Unopened


Artists and enthusiasts who have a collection of Ohuhu markers and only occasionally use specific colors or sets may wonder, how will they last if unopened?

The good news is that unopened Ohuhu markers have a reasonably long shelf life. When in their original packaging, unopened markers can maintain their quality and usability for an extended period, sometimes lasting two years.

This is a valuable characteristic, especially for those who like to stock up on markers or prefer to have a diverse range of colors readily available for future projects.

Ohuhu Markers vs Other Markers


Here are the estimated lifespans of other well-known marker brands for you to compare with:

  • Ohuhu Markers vs. Sharpie: When left unopened or with casual use, the latter tends to last between 2 and 3 years. This means that Sharpie markers can maintain their usability for a relatively long time compared to those from Ohuhu.
  • Ohuhu Markers vs. Crayola: With frequent use, Crayola markers can last for a year. So, they may not have as long a lifespan as Ohuhu markers, particularly with more extensive use.
  • Ohuhu Markers vs. Prismacolor: Prismacolor markers, when used frequently, are expected to last up to 5 months. However, with casual use, they can extend their longevity up to a year.

Ohuhu markers have the potential to last longer than Prismacolor markers with either frequent or casual use.

Factors Affecting Ohuhu Markers’ Longevity

1. Storing Method


Proper storage plays a critical role in preserving the quality and lifespan of Ohuhu markers. To prevent exposure to extreme temperatures, which can adversely affect the markers’ performance, it is essential to store them in a cool, dry place.

Additionally, keeping them away from direct sunlight is crucial to prevent any potential heat-related issues.

2. Maintenance


Regular maintenance of Ohuhu markers is essential to keep them in optimal condition. Artists and users should make it a habit to clean the marker tips regularly, ensuring that they are free from any dust or debris that could clog the ink and make the cap hard to remove.

Moreover, taking care of the markers by handling them with care can further enhance their longevity.

3. Paper Type


The choice of paper can have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of Ohuhu markers. Using high-quality, bleed-resistant paper specifically designed for markers or heavy cardstock can help prevent excessive ink absorption, thus reducing the markers’ consumption and extending their overall lifespan.

​Tips to Have the Longest Lasting Markers


To ensure that Ohuhu markers provide a lasting and satisfying artistic experience, follow these tips:

  • Always cap the markers tightly after each use: By forming an airtight seal, the caps help maintain the ink’s fluidity, ensuring that the markers remain ready for use when needed.
  • Store markers in the right orientation: Alcohol markers with two nibs will last longer if stored horizontally. The ink will flow smoothly along the pens this way, allowing for effective ink dispersal.

Water-based markers, on the other hand, are not finicky regarding storage orientation.

  • Select appropriate marker-friendly paper: Ohuhu markers brush tip require smooth paper for bleed-free and consistent performance. Thick drawing surfaces will also absorb ink better and minimize wastage.


Recapping, “How long do Ohuhu markers last?” the lifespan of Ohuhu markers can vary depending on several factors, including whether they are left open or unopened.

By adopting proper care and storage practices, such as capping the markers after each use, using suitable paper, and regular maintenance, you can extend the longevity of Ohuhu markers and ensure a consistently enjoyable artistic experience with these tools for a prolonged period!

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