How to Get Crayola Marker Off Skin Easily, Safety & Fast

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to get crayola marker off skin easily

When you have a kid, problems with messy hands and Crayola markers on the face are probably not new to you. Though some claim to be washable there are still stubborn colors that are hard to remove and won’t come off even after washing with soap and water.

But relax mama! Removing markers on the skin is not hard to do. Here are some simple hacks on how to get Crayola marker off skin easily.

Do it with ease using materials around your home like a make-up remover, alcohol sanitizer, wet wipes, baby oil, toothpaste, and diluted bleach.

Ways to Get Crayola Marker Off Skin Easily

1. Utilize Your Make-Up Removers

Make-up removers are designed to remove tough cosmetic dirt such as eyeliners and mascaras that are pretty made up of dyes, colorings, and inks like markers do.

Using make-up remover will easily remove Crayola markers from skin. They are for facial applications making them safe to use for your toddlers too.

If your toddler skin is sensitive, you can use make-up remover wipes and micellar water.

2. Alcohol for Removal and Disinfection

Alcohol is known for its capability to disinfect skin and clean cuts. It is also a good solvent and an active ingredient for cleansing.

With that, it can readily remove washable marker from skin and even the permanent type. Apply a small amount of alcohol on cotton balls and rub it gently to the skin with markers.

Avoid using your hands as the ink will only scatter or transfer to your palm and you both could end up getting dirty.

This way also can use to get washable marker out of carpet.

3. Alcohol-based Sanitizers

Most sanitizers are alcohol-based. They are formulated with enough alcohol content to function as sanitizers. Thus, they can easily remove Crayola washable markers on skin.

Again, remember not to use your palm or hands directly. Tiny white particles could also form and this is normal. It is due to the gelling agents used in the sanitizer.

Use a damp cloth to wipe it off and there’s no need to rinse with water. For sensitive skin, you can use sanitizers for kids.

4. Your Trusty Wet Wipes

In emergency cases like when you are at school or at the park where soap and water are not available to wash off marker from skin, wet wipes can save the day.

For moms, it is always a good idea to keep wet wipes handy. Wet wipes are designed to clean dirt and they can also get marker off skin easily or for the most part at least fade the markings.

Then you can finish it off with alcohol or soap later when you get home.

5. Baby Oils for Sensitive Skin

Baby oils are the best option to get marker off toddler skin or for babies with very sensitive skin. They are made of cosmetic-grade mineral oils that are generally safe for the skin.

Surprisingly it can also be used to remove Crayola markers and get stains off skin. With your fingertips, spread oil and work gently till the oil starts to loosen up the markings.

You can remove excess oil by using tissue or a towel.

6. White Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not just for cleaning your teeth alone. There are plenty of hacks on how to use toothpaste for cleaning which includes getting rid of Crayola markers on your toddlers’ skin.

Remember, do not use gel type. White toothpaste can do better for this job. For this method, you have to wet the area with Crayola markers first.

Then put a small amount of toothpaste on the skin and spread it on areas with the most markings. Let it sit for a minute or two. Rub it gently using a damp towel and rinse it with warm water.

Now, notice the colors going away nicely with the toothpaste. Pretty cool isn’t it?

7. Mild or Diluted Bleach

Please do note that what we are using here is “diluted bleach”. It is not safe in any way, to use pure bleach on skin. Especially for kids.

The active ingredient of bleach is Chlorine. When used on the skin this must be carefully diluted in appropriate proportions to avoid skin from getting burned or irritated.

  • To start with, get a basin, enough water, and a small portion of laundry bleach. The ideal proportion is one is to seven or one part of bleach into seven parts of water.
  • When mixing, always prepare the water first before adding the bleach. Bleach is a strong base and adding water to it will potentially create a chemical reaction that can produce heat or fumes.
  • After the solution is set, use cotton balls and wet them using the diluted bleach. Gently rub it in the affected area and rinse off with soap and water.

This method is not recommended for babies and kids with sensitive skin.

Helpful Tips


After removing the marker using the methods mentioned above, especially the last two methods, do not forget to moisturize. After drying, you may use baby lotion or soothing cream.

Crayola markers are generally safe but are not supposed to be on the skin. For kids, getting markers into the skin is inevitable.

When this happens, you know what to do. Do not let the markers stay too long on their skin without getting cleaned.

How to Get Crayola Marker Off Sensitive Skin?


As mentioned above, you can use baby oils and alcohol-based sanitizers for kids to remove marker stains off sensitive skin.

Are Crayola Markers Safe for Skin?


According to Crayola, coloring solutions of Crayola markers are made with water and dyes.

Crayola is an acclaimed brand and manufacturer of coloring and art products for children who prioritize safety among their users. However, they do not recommend using them on the skin.

Keep in mind that though they consider their product as non-toxic, markers made by Crayola are intended for art and crafts on hard surfaces only and not to be applied on the skin!

They iterated that these coloring materials did not undergo testing like cosmetics products that are made for skin application and are therefore not designed for this purpose.


Cleaning mess from markers is a tough job, especially if they are on the skin. But you could make it a little lighter with these simple hacks on how to get Crayola marker off skin easily.

Getting dirty is part of the process. Kids learn more when they experience art freely without hesitations and restrictions like avoiding getting markers on their hands and faces.

So, the next time your kids play around with their Crayola markers keep your cool and remember these easy hacks. After all, they’re still kids. Let them play, do art and get dirty!

Besides, you also can refer more to ways to blend Crayola markers or how it works.

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