EXPO Marker Dimensions: A Quick Reference Guide

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expo marker dimensions

When it comes to visual aids and the art of whiteboard creations, EXPO markers have established their dominance.

These versatile tools have become a staple in classrooms, boardrooms, and creative spaces alike. However, have you ever wondered about the dimensions of these trusty markers?

In this blog post, we will explore all the details of EXPO marker dimensions, uncovering the varying sizes, shapes, and tip options available.

Whether you are a teacher, presenter, or whiteboard enthusiast, understanding the dimensions of EXPO markers can significantly impact your writing and drawing experience.

EXPO Marker Dimensions


1. EXPO dry erase markers


Marker Line Type of Tip Inches
Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers Chisel 1.2 x 4.9 x 3.7
Fine 0.6 x 5.8 x 2.4
Ultra Fine 4 x 6.25 x 3
Bullet 5 x 3.1 x 0.9
Magnetic Dry Erase Markers + Eraser Chisel 0.91 x 5.94 x 5.88
2-In-1 Dry Erase Markers Chisel 0.78 x 7.19 x 5.5
Neon Dry Erase Markers Bullet 7.5 x 8.4 x 5.8

2. Wet erase markers


Marker Line Type of Tip Inches
Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers Fine ‎5.7 x 3.8 x 0.5
Bright Sticks Wet Erase Fluorescent Markers Bullet ​​‎3.81 x 5.69 x 0.94
Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase Overhead Transparency Markers Fine 0.63 x 5.75 x 7.63

EXPO Marker Tips

EXPO markers offer a range of tip options to accommodate various writing and drawing styles.


  • Bullet Tip

The bullet tip is a classic and widely-used option. It features a rounded tip that delivers consistent and precise lines. Bullet tips are suitable for everyday writing tasks, highlighting important information, and creating bold, legible text.

  • Chisel Tip

EXPO markers with chisel tips have a broad, angled tip that allows for versatility in line width. By adjusting the angle and pressure, you can create both thick and thin lines. Chisel tips are great for making broad strokes, filling in larger areas, and creating visual emphasis.

  • Fine Tip

For more detailed work, EXPO markers with fine tips are ideal. These markers have a slender tip that enables smooth and controlled writing, making them perfect for intricate drawings, diagrams, and small handwriting.

  • Ultra Fine Tip

EXPO markers with ultra-fine tips offer the finest line width available. These markers feature an extra slim and precise tip that is well-suited for intricate detailing, precision work, and creating fine lines with utmost accuracy.

EXPO Marker Dimensions: Why They Matter?

The dimensions of a marker, including its length, width, and overall size, can have several important implications.



  • Writing and Drawing Style

The dimensions of a marker can influence your writing and drawing style. For example, a fat EXPO marker with a larger width allows for bolder and more prominent lines. These markers are great for creating attention-grabbing visuals, filling in larger areas quickly, or making text and drawings more visible from a distance.

On the other hand, mini EXPO markers, with a smaller size, are ideal for detailed work, precise lines, and intricate drawings.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics

Marker dimensions can impact comfort and ergonomics during use. Thick EXPO markers may provide a more substantial grip, which can be comfortable for individuals who prefer a larger marker size or have larger hands.

Conversely, slimmer EXPO markers offer a compact and lightweight option, which can be advantageous for extended use or when you require more precise control.

  • Portability and Storage

Marker dimensions also affect portability and storage. A mini EXPO marker is highly portable and can easily fit into pockets, pencil cases, or small compartments. This makes them convenient for carrying around, such as in classrooms, offices, or on-the-go situations.

Fat or thick expo markers, while less compact, can be better suited for stationary use, such as in a specific workspace or on a whiteboard.

Considering the dimensions of a marker allows you to choose a marker that aligns with your preferred writing and drawing style, provides comfort during use, and suits your portability and storage needs.

That being said, selecting the right marker dimensions can enhance your overall experience and ensure optimal performance for your specific tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is an EXPO marker?

An EXPO marker can be between 3.1 and 8.4 inches. So, the average EXPO marker length is 5.75 inches. It is 14.605 cm or m is 0.14605.

What is the length of a Sharpie compared to an EXPO marker?

Sharpies are around 5 to 6 inches (12.7 – 15.2 in cm) , while EXPOs, as mentioned, are between 3 and 8 inches. For both brands of markers, the specific lengths depend on the specific type.

Read more about Sharpie marker dimensions.

How long is a typical dry-erase marker?

A dry-erase marker is about 5.6 inches on a ruler. But note that this value is not brand-specific. For EXPO markers, the length can vary from 3.1 to 8.4 inches.

How long should I make my EXPO marker costume?

This depends on your height. You can look up EXPO marker templates, they usually come with recommendations on the sizes to print. You can learn this guide to DIY an expo marker costume.

What is the longest marker?

The world record for the longest marker has an approximate length of 5 feet 6.3 inches or 1.684 in meters.


In conclusion, understanding EXPO marker dimensions is crucial for selecting the right marker that suits your needs. Whether you prefer the boldness of a fat marker, the versatility of thick markers, or the precision of mini markers, the dimensions play a significant role in your writing and drawing experience.

By considering the sizes, shapes, and tips available, you can unlock a world of creativity and precision!

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