How to Clean Prismacolor Colorless Blender Marker? – 6 Steps

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to clean prismacolor colorless blender marker

Prismacolor Colorless Blender Markers provide an easy way to blend and soften the lines of your art. The markers feature a brush-like tip that allows you to effortlessly blend and lighten various colors or hard edges in your art.

They are odorless, non-toxic, and water-based, making them safe for use in any setting. Besides, they have unique pigmentations that allow them to be used with Prismacolor Premier pencils for more advanced artistic techniques.

However, to use colorless blender markers to their full potential, you need to know how to clean prismacolor colorless blender marker.In this guide, we will show you just that!

Cleaning Colorless Prismacolor Blender Markers

What to Prepare

  • Your Prismacolor colorless blender markers or colorless Prismacolor blending pens
  • Some scrap paper

What to Do

  • Step 1: First, grab your blender and uncap it.


  • Step 2: Hold the blender against your marker paper at an angle. Position it as if you were using it to blend or soften your artwork.


  • Step 3: Next, press the brush tip of the blender down, releasing ink.


  • Step 4: Make short zig-zag strokes, like you are scribbling or doodling on a piece of scrap paper.

Since the colorless blender is a solvent with alcohol, the ink should actually be clear. If the tip (also referred to as the nib) is dirty, the lines that you lay down will be a bit tinted. Specifically, it would have hints of the darkest colors you last used it on.

  • Step 5: Continue scribbling or doodling until the ink laid down is totally clear.
  • Step 6: Once there are no traces of color, you can be sure that your blender is clean.


Your blender is now good to go! You can use it to create drawings with Prismacolor pencils as usual.

Note: This process can also be handy for colorless blender Copics and Ohuhu markers!

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Make multiple short zig-zag strokes, and with adequate force, preferably not too strong to fray the paper.
  • Clean your blender while the tip is still wet because at this point, the lodged colors are still “fresh” and easily removable.

Why Should I Clean My Prismacolor Colorless Blender Markers?


1. To avoid transferring unnecessary color

Cleaning your blender tip is very crucial because it ensures that you do not “cross-contaminate” your artwork. In other words, you do not pick up color from one part of your piece and transfer it to another.

If you want to color a blue sky, for example, you do not want to give it traces of pink just because you have just completed a pink flower garden using the same blender.

2. To keep your blender in good condition

In addition, it is essential to clean the tip to keep it in good shape. Like any other art tool, proper up-keeping prevents your colorless blender from wearing out.

It will guarantee that your blender continues serving you for a long time. You will not have to spend money to replace it often. So, cleaning makes your colorless blender more cost-effective.

When Should I Clean My Prismacolor Colorless Blender Markers?

Scenario 1

You should clean your blender before you start using it for your artwork. Make it a habit before you proceed to unleash your creativity!

This will make sure that you will not accidentally transfer unwanted old color onto your new artwork and ruin it.

By the same token, you will not have to spend more time and effort fixing your creation. You can focus solely on producing your best piece.

Scenario 2

It is necessary to clean your blender as you use it for your artwork. Ideally, you should swipe it on a piece of scrap paper to get rid of any lodged ink each time you finish using it on a specific colored portion of your piece.

For example, after using it to lighten a dark blue area, you should clean it before moving on to blending a light pink section. If you do not clean your blender in between the blue and pink, the tip of your blender might still have hints of blue in it, and it will transfer the blue onto your pink part.

As with scenario 1, you will have to spend more time and effort fixing your artwork. By spending less than a minute to clean your blender, you can save hours recovering your creation. It will save you frustration and mental stress as well.


As you have read, learning how to clean Prismacolor colorless blender markers is far from difficult. All you need is some scrap paper! Scribble or doodle using the blender until there are no traces of color left.

Although this takes less than a minute, it can make sure that you do not accidentally ruin your artwork. It also keeps your blender in good condition, enabling it to accompany you for a long time. So, make it a habit to clean your blender before you sit down to work on your art and along the way.

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