Blick Studio Brush Markers Review: Pros, Cons and Tips

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

Blick Studio Brush Markers Review

In the world of art markers, finding a balance between quality and affordability is essential for artists of all levels. Blick Studio Brush Markers boast versatile brush tips, vibrant colors, budget-friendly pricing, and fairly extensive color range.

In this Blick Studio Brush Markers review, we delve into the performance, features, and overall artistic potential of Blick Studio Brush Markers to help you discover if these markers are the perfect fit for your creative journey.

Blick Studio Brush Markers Review


Blick Studio Brush Markers are a brand of illustration markers produced by Blick Art Materials, a well-known art supply retailer. These design markers are popular for various artistic applications, such as illustration, sketching, and coloring.

Note: Blick also offers Blick watercolor markers and ordinary studio markers. The Blick studio marker color chart is equally extensive, featuring up to 143 hues.

1. Key Features


Blick Studio Brush Markers feature a flexible brush tip that allows for versatile line thickness and expressive strokes. The brush tip mimics the effect of a paintbrush, allowing artists to create fine details and broad strokes by adjusting the pressure applied. It also has a chisel tip for straight strokes and coloring large areas.

As these markers are alcohol-based, they are quick drying and offer smooth application on various surfaces like paper, cardstock, and certain types of plastic. These markers are commonly used in blending, layering, and creating gradients.

2. Colors


Blick Studio Brush Markers offers up to 144 colors, providing artists with a comprehensive palette. They also sell color sets, such as monochromatic, rainbow, skin tones, etc.

The markers’ ink can produce vibrant hues. However, some bright colors, such as yellow, may seem a little over-saturated. Plus, the ink’s pigment is a little off when compared to the marker’s cap.

3. Pros & Cons

  • Versatile brush tip: The brush tip of Blick Studio Brush Markers allows for a wide range of strokes, from fine details to broad, expressive lines. It mimics the effect of a paintbrush, giving artists more control and creative possibilities.
  • Blendability: These markers are often alcohol-based, which makes them blendable. Artists can easily create smooth transitions and gradients by layering and blending colors with these markers.
  • Quick drying: Blick Studio Brush Markers generally dry quickly, minimizing the risk of smudging or smearing the artwork. This makes them suitable for working on various surfaces, including paper, cardstock, and certain types of plastic.
  • Inconsistent ink flow: This results in streaks or uneven color application, making it somewhat challenging to achieve consistent and seamless results.
  • Ink saturation and bleed-through: Depending on the paper used, Blick Studio Brush Markers may saturate the paper quickly, leading to bleed-through or feathering.It is advisable to test the markers on different papers to find the most suitable ones for your desired effects.

4. Price

Considered cheap professional markers, Blick Studio Brush Markers are more affordable than most of their competitors. Individual Blick Studio Brush Markers range from $4 to $7 per marker, depending on the color.

Sets of Blick Studio Brush Markers are typically available at different price points, depending on the number of markers in the set. The most expensive set is $345.

5. Techniques & Tips


  • Test colors before starting: Before applying a marker directly to your artwork, it’s a good practice to test the color on a scrap piece of paper. This helps you understand how the color will look on your chosen surface and allows you to plan your color combinations and blending techniques.
  • Layer and build up colors: Blick Studio Brush Markers are often transparent, which means you can layer multiple colors to create new hues and depth. Start with lighter hues and gradually build up layers with darker shades (preferably in the same color family) to achieve richer and more dimensional effects.
  • Experiment with pressure: The brush tip of Blick Studio Brush Markers is responsive to pressure. Apply light pressure for thin lines and delicate details, and increase pressure for thicker and bolder strokes. Practice varying pressure to explore the full range of effects you can achieve.
  • Use different papers: Try working with different types of paper to see how the markers perform. Some papers may absorb the ink more quickly, causing it to bleed or feather, while others may preserve the vibrancy and sharpness of the colors.

Experiment with different weights and finishes of paper to find the ones that work best for your desired effects.

Is Blick Studio Brush Markers a Good Brand?

Yes, Blick Studio Brush Markers are generally considered to be a good brand of art markers. They offer a balance of quality and affordability, making them a popular choice among artists of various skill levels.

Their blendability and versatility allow artists to explore a wide range of artistic techniques and create stunning, expressive artwork. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, Blick Studio Brush Markers are a reliable choice for unleashing your creativity.

Comparison With Other Markers

1. Blick Studio Brush vs. Blick Illustrator


Blick Illustrator Markers are known for their consistent ink saturation, making them a popular choice for artists who prioritize reliable and even color application. They are also particularly well-suited for those who prefer using the chisel tip for filling in larger areas.

Ultimately, the choice between Blick Studio Brush Markers and Blick Illustrator Markers will depend on your specific artistic preferences and needs.

If you value a brush tip and blendability, Blick Studio Brush Markers is a better choice. However, if you prefer using a chisel tip with consistent ink saturation, Blick Illustrator Markers are more suitable.

2. Blick Studio Brush vs. Copic Sketch/Ciao


Copic Sketch/Ciao markers feature a replaceable nib and refillable ink cartridge. This makes them a more sustainable option in the long run and allows artists to save money on marker replacements.

Copic Sketch/Ciao markers also offer a wide range of colors, with over 300 hues. They are also available in various sets, making it easy for artists to choose the right assortment.

That said, the choice between Blick Studio Brush Markers and Copic Sketch/Ciao markers will depend on your specific artistic preferences and needs. Blick Studio Brush Markers are a more affordable option, while Copic Sketch/Ciao markers offer more advanced features such as replaceable nibs, refillable ink, and a wider range of colors.

How to Choose the Best Blick Studio Brush Markers


  • Consider your budget: Determine the amount you are willing to spend on markers, as Blick Studio Brush Markers come in various price ranges depending on the set size.
  • Evaluate color range: Blick Studio Brush Markers come in different color assortments. Determine if the available sets or individual markers offer the hues you desire for your artwork. For example, if you are drawing people, the portrait color set is ideal.
  • Try before committing: If possible, try out a few markers before making a larger investment. This can help you assess the markers’ feel, responsiveness, and suitability for your artistic styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blick Studio Brush Markers refillable?

No, Blick Studio Brush Markers are not refillable. They come as single-use markers and do not have a refillable ink cartridge.

How long do Blick Studio Brush Markers last?

The longevity of Blick Studio Brush Markers can vary depending on factors such as usage, storage, and care. With regular use and proper care, the markers can last for a considerable amount of time, but eventually, the brush tips may wear down, and the markers may need to be replaced.

Where can I purchase Blick Studio Brush Markers?

Blick Studio Brush Markers can be purchased from Blick Art Materials, the company that produces and sells them. You can find them both in physical stores and on their online platform.

Are Blick Studio Brush Markers the same as Punctuate Markers?

No, they are two different brands of markers. The latter is not as well known as the former, though they are also considered cheap markers.

Do alcohol markers bleed?

Yes, alcohol markers can bleed through certain types of paper, especially thin or low-quality paper. To minimize bleeding, it is recommended to use marker-friendly paper or cardstock that is specifically designed for alcohol markers.

How to fix dried-out alcohol markers?

To revive dried-out alcohol markers, you can try adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol or marker ink blender solution to the pen’s barrel and allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Alternatively, gently swishing the marker tip in water or using a moist paper towel may help restore some moisture to the ink.


To conclude this Blick Studio Brush Markers review, these prove to be a solid choice for artists seeking quality markers without breaking the bank. With their flexible brush tips, vibrant colors, and blendability, these markers offer versatility and the ability to create stunning artwork.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, Blick Studio Brush Markers provides a reliable and affordable option for bringing your creative visions to life.


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