Best Way to Store Gel Pens

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

Best Way to Store Gel Pens

When it comes to preserving the quality and performance of your gel pens, proper storage is key.

In this guide, we will explore the best way to store gel pens, focusing on the benefits of storing them horizontally or slightly angled with the tips pointing downward.

We will also touch upon an alternative storage method to help you make an informed decision on how to keep your gel pens in top condition.

What is the Best Storage Method to Keep Gel Pens From Drying Out?


Storing gel pens horizontally or at a slight angle with the tips pointing downward is ideal. Here are the specific benefits of these storing methods:

1. Prevention of Ink Leakage


Gel pens, like all pens, can sometimes experience ink leakage due to changes in pressure or temperature. Storing them horizontally or at an angle minimizes the chances of ink leaking out of the tip, which could result in messy and inconsistent writing.

2. Consistent Ink Flow


Storing gel pens tip-down encourages consistent ink flow to the pen’s tip. This helps prevent the ink from drying out or becoming unevenly distributed within the pen, ensuring smooth and reliable writing every time you use it.

3. Minimized Air Exposure


Keeping the pen’s tip pointing downward reduces the exposure of the ink to air, which can lead to ink drying out or thickening. This is especially important for gel pens, as their gel-based ink tends to dry out quicker than traditional ballpoint pen ink.

4. Preventing Blobbing & Skipping


Storing gel pens with the tip facing downward minimizes the chances of ink pooling at the tip, which can cause blobbing when you start writing. It also reduces the likelihood of the pen skipping or producing inconsistent lines.

Note: Regardless of whether you store your gel pens up or down, horizontal or vertical, never leave them without caps.

Gel Pen Storage Ideas


Generally, it would help if you placed your pens away from direct sunlight to avoid UV and heat affecting your pens’ quality. Also, the ideal temperature for keeping them safe would be room temperature.

Now, to stow gel pens horizontally, you can consider these storage solutions:

1. Gel Pen Organizater


One option is a dedicated gel pen organizer or gel pen case designed specifically for these precious writing utensils. With separate compartments and secure closures, it allows you to keep your gel pens safely stowed horizontally.

2. DIY Wine Bottle Rack


A DIY wine bottle rack with individual slots provides an excellent way to store gel pens horizontally while adding a touch of charm to your workspace.

3. A Makeup Drawer


For those with a makeup drawer that is not being fully utilized, why not repurpose it as a gel pen storage space? Its compartments meant for organizing cosmetics can easily accommodate gel pens when arranged horizontally.

Another Way to Store Gel Pens


Although storing gels pens horizontally is the best method to go with, it does come with a con.

The primary downside is that it tends to take up a significant amount of space. If you are someone who values desk organization or has limited storage options, keeping them vertically with tips upward.

Not only does this save you valuable desk real estate, but it also ensures that the nibs of your pens are not damaged by unwanted pressure.

When storing pens this way, you can use a gel pen stand or a gel pen holder. There are many that you can find both online and offline.

If you are on a tight budget, you can also easily make your own using items lying around the house. For example, consider a makeshift stand/holder using a recycled bottle.


Now, you know the answer to “What is the best way to store gel pens?”

Storing gel pens horizontally or slightly angled with the tips pointing upward can prevent them from leaking, ensure they deliver consistent ink flows, minimize air bubbles inside them, and stop blobbing and skipping from happening.

Be sure to apply this for your gel pens to keep them working flawlessly!

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