Are Creative Expert Markers Any Good? (Reviewed)

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

are creative expert markers any good

There are a lot of art marker brands out there, and choosing the right ones for you might be overwhelming. Moreover, you can narrow your choices by considering the quality you seek and the price you are willing to pay.

The Creative Expert markers definitely fit the criteria if you are looking for budget-friendly markers. However, what about their quality? Are Creative Expert markers any good? Let us answer this question through a detailed review below.

About the Creative Expert Markers


These affordable markers by The Creative Expert, a brand that sells art and craft materials, are dual tip alcohol markers that are perfect for beginners.

The Creative Expert markers are distributed by Wenzhou Bright Star Distribution Limited, a Chinese trading company that imports and exports goods such as stationery.

In terms of the packaging, whether it is a 36 pack or 40 pack, these markers come with a semi-transparent plastic case, making it convenient for storing.

The packaging shows how many markers it contains and a summary of the marker colors inside the package.

It also shows a mandated choking hazard warning and some possible harmful chemicals in the markers. However, it also says on the packaging that these markers are acid-free and non-toxic.

Moreover, The Creative Expert sells three types of markers, namely alcohol, permanent, and brush markers.

1. The Creative Expert Alcohol Markers


Notable Features:

  • Ergonomic, triangular-shaped white barrels for better grip.
  • Dual-ended – One end is a flexible brush tip, while the other is a fine tip.
  • Color-coded – Their 3-digit to 4-digit codes are visible on their caps.
  • Stored vertically inside their transparent case – looking for the right color for your artwork will be easier since their caps are visible from above.

You can use The Creative Expert alcohol markers for coloring and illustrations. In terms of blending, some markers don’t blend well but don’t look too streaky.

The Creative Expert alcohol markers may not be on par with top-notch markers like Copic, but they are definitely more affordable. You can buy a 48-pack of these markers for $12.99 at Ross or $0.27 per marker, while the cheapest Copic marker costs around $5.

2. The Creative Expert Permanent Markers


Notable Features:

  • Round white barrels – slightly smaller than the alcohol markers.
  • Have chisel or broad tips at one end and fine tips at the other.
  • Markings on barrels – indicate which is the chisel or fine tip.
  • Color-coded
  • Stored horizontally in a semi-transparent plastic case

The Creative Expert permanent markers are more suitable for lettering, calligraphy, and designing on non-porous surfaces. Using them for coloring illustrations might not be a good idea since some markers don’t blend well.

However, considering how cheap these markers are, they are pretty decent. You can buy an 18-pack of the Creative Expert permanent markers at $10 on the eBay website.

3. The Creative Expert Brush Markers


Notable Features:

  • Smallest among the marker products of The Creative Expert.
  • Have slim and colored barrels indicating their inks’ color.
  • Two-in-one The Creative Expert fine liners and brush markers
  • Not color-coded
  • Have semi-transparent marker caps
  • Stored horizontally on each side evenly in a semi-transparent case
  • The case is designed to keep the brush markers in place regardless of any movements.

The Creative Expert brush markers are perfect for simple lettering or scrapbooking.

Moreover, some brush markers do not exactly match the colors on the barrel. For example, one of their blue-colored barrels looks purple when applied on paper.

On a positive note, the brush markers have bright colors and a nice flow of ink. Moreover, they are also cheap, as you can buy 24 dual tip markers for $6 at Ross.

Pros and Cons (Summary)

Pros Cons
Affordable Some markers don’t blend well
Dual tip Bleed a bit
Bright colors Some do not match the colors on the barrels
Nice flow of ink
Perfect for practice/beginners
Ergonomic Packaging

The Creative Expert vs. Copic Markers


The Creative Expert Copic
Ink Quality Vibrant Less vibrant or Neutral
Color Range Less extensive

(Up to 64 colors)


(Up to 358 colors)

Blend-ability Low High
Affordable? Yes No
Refillable? No Yes
Commonly Used For Lettering, Coloring, Illustrations Professional Work (Cartoon Illustration, Manga Drawing, Fashion Design)

If we compare The Creative Expert and Copic markers, there is a huge gap between their quality. Copics have top-tier professional quality, while The Creative Expert markers are average and suitable for beginners.

However, there is also a massive difference between the price of these two markers. The most affordable Copic marker that you can buy costs around $5, while the lowest price of The Creative Expert marker costs around $0.25.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use The Creative Expert markers?

You can use these markers just like how you use other dual-tip markers. Hold their barrels and angle your hands to write, draw, or color on your desired surface.

How do I maintain and store my markers for optimal longevity?

If you want to prevent your markers from drying faster than usual or ink leaks, storing them in a cool and dry place is best. Moreover, always ensure you tightly seal the marker caps before storing them.

You may store your colored pencils in whichever position you like. However, you cannot do this with your art markers.

Single-ended markers are better stored vertically with their tips pointing downward, while you should store dual-tip markers horizontally.

The Creative Expert: Is it a good brand?

The Creative Expert brand sells art materials like gel pens and markers. Moreover, they also sell artistic toys like paint like a pro fantasy castle set and create like a pro dough ice cream set.

Overall, it is a good brand for art enthusiasts looking for inexpensive art materials and parents looking for creative toys for their kids.

What is the largest pack of The Creative Expert markers?

This question is quite hard to answer since the brand doesn’t have an official website, but the largest bundle I’ve seen so far is a 64-pack of The Creative Expert alcohol markers at Ross.

I’ve never encountered a 100 pack of these markers, unlike Copic, which has 358 available colors.


Choosing suitable art materials for your work or hobby is essential because you rely on them, whether for your bread and butter or for expressing your artistic self without reservation.

So, are Creative Expert markers any good? We already show all the important features of these markers. They have pretty decent quality at an affordable price. You can also choose from three different types of The Creative Expert markers like alcohol, permanent, and brush markers.

Do you wish to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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