Are Azure Markers Any Good? – A Detailed Review

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

Are Azure Markers Any Good

When it comes to the world of art and creativity, the tools we choose can significantly impact the outcome of our work. One popular choice among artists and enthusiasts alike is Azure markers.

But are Azure markers any good?

In this article, we will delve into their notable features, performance, pricing, and decide whether they are worth the investment.

Azure Markers Review

1. Notable Features


Saturated Colors

One of the most striking attributes of Azure alcohol markers is their exceptional color vibrancy.

The markers boast saturated hues that burst forth, adding a dynamic dimension to artworks.

This saturation ensures that even the most intricate details are vividly displayed, capturing the viewer’s attention and enhancing the overall visual impact of the creation.

Triangle Barrel Design

One standout feature that distinguishes Azure markers from their counterparts is the triangle barrel design.

This ergonomic shape is engineered to provide a comfortable grip, reducing hand strain during extended periods of use.

2. Performance & Quality


  • Blending

Unfortunately, the blending capability of these professional artist markers is a cause for concern.

While Azure markers excel in delivering saturated colors, a common issue among artists is the potential for bleeding.

Some users have reported instances where colors bleed into each other or feather beyond intended boundaries. This can pose challenges, particularly in projects that require precise detailing.

Artists may need to exercise caution and employ techniques to minimize the risk of bleeding, such as using specialized paper or pencils and gel ink to create textures.

  • Packaging

Another noteworthy drawback of Azure markers is the absence of color codes on the design itself.

This omission can lead to confusion, especially when dealing with an extensive collection of markers. It may also slow down the creative process, requiring artists to cross-reference colors separately.

Another drawback is that users can’t purchase each pen by itself. If I need a new color, I’ll have to get a brand-new set.


  • The color vibrancy mentioned earlier contributes to the markers’ overall appeal, making them a favorite among illustrators, graphic designers, and hobbyists.
  • The smooth application of ink contributes to a polished and refined finish.
  • The barrel is comfortable to hold and unlikely to roll off the table.


  • Non-Stackable Design
  • The markers lack a secure mechanism for stacking, which can lead to clutter and disorganization in a creative workspace.
  • For artists who rely on an organized setup, the non-stackable feature might be a hindrance, as it occupies more space than desirable.

Lack of Refills


While the vibrant colors of Azure markers are appealing, they are not refillable. Once the ink is depleted, the marker becomes unusable, necessitating the purchase of an entirely new set.

This not only affects an artist’s budget but also contributes to unnecessary waste in terms of resources and materials.

Irreplaceable Tips


Another drawback of Azure markers is the fact that their tips are not replaceable.

If the tip becomes frayed or worn out due to extensive use, users have to discard the pen, leading to additional expenses and wastage.

The inability to replace tips independently restricts the markers’ overall longevity and sustainability.

Absence of a Brush Tip Option


Royal & Langnickel Azure markers lack a brush tip option, which can limit their versatility in calligraphy, blending, and coloring.

The brush tip is favored by artists who require varying line thicknesses, smooth transitions, and expressive strokes.

The absence of this option might deter artists who prioritize these qualities in their work.



While the allure of Azure markers’ features is undeniable, their price point does raise eyebrows at around 1 to 2 dollars per pen.

These markers are generally positioned at a higher cost range compared to some other brands on the market. This factor might deter budget-conscious artists who are hesitant to make a significant investment in their artistic tools.

Are Azure Markers Worth It?


The pivotal question that lingers: Are Azure markers truly worth the investment? This hinges on individual preferences, needs, and goals.

For beginners who are learning how to draw and blend, these markers can be an adequate first purchase. However, professional artists and advanced users will be better off with a higher-quality set, like the ones from Copic.


Are Azure markers any good? Azure markers present a mixed bag of attributes that warrant careful consideration. Ultimately, the decision to invest in these depends on an artist’s preferences and needs.

Those who value vibrant colors and ergonomic comfort may find these markers to be a valuable addition to their toolkit, but others who prioritize precision and ease of color identification might need to weigh the drawbacks more heavily.

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