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Photos by Sarah White Photography / Fotos for Barcelona

May 6-7, 2016

Intermedia Arts’ multidisciplinary, artist-centered performance series UNDERBELLY returns this Spring with new work by New York-based Zainab MusaDeja Stowers with the debut of her new-found Twin Cities dance company BLAQ, and a bilingual exploration of love by Adlyn Carreras and Pedro R. Bayon.
The brainchild of Intermedia Arts’ Catalyst Series Curator Shá CageUNDERBELLY is a nurturing ground for developing ideas, innovative and artistic collaboration. A bi-annual event, this Spring's electric curation explores love, intimacy, land, citizenship, and movement, including:

By Deja Stowers and BLAQ

Debut of the new found company BLAQ. Rooted in unapologetic love and being, the work is grounded in sisterhood, ancestry, and fellowship alongside deep movement toward freedom. BLAQ works to eliminate the action of “performance” and therefore the work is meant to be observed and experienced.

Would you be my friend if I danced like this?
By Zainab Musa

Zainab Musa’sparents imigrated to Washington DC from Nigeria in the mid 1960’s. In 2010, Zainab immigrated to Minneapolis from Canada. This work is a collage of characters and movements that she uncovered while interviewing her parents about their migration from West Africa to Canada. She became curious about how we construct personal mythology when we move to a new place. How do we decide what we want our new neighbors to know about us?

And Because Love Battles, Mi Amor.
By Adlyn Carreras and Pedro R. Bayon

A bilingual, theatrical exploration of love and intimacy through the lens of artists’own 20+ year relationship and marriage. Themes explored include shared culture, isolation, art and family.

"The artists in this series are pushing boundaries in search of innovation and experimentation,” says UNDERBELLLY curator Shá Cage. “It will be exciting to see the risks they take on stage."

The Catalyst Series is a platform for transformative, socially engaged new work. Through performing, media, and visual arts, the Catalyst Series sparks lasting dialogue in provocative and visionary ways, showcasing work by today’s emerging and vangaurd artists. The series offers a pathway for traditionally underrepresented artists, emerging local changemakers, and projects that ignite innovation.