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Photos by Sarah White Photography / Fotos for Barcelona

November 4-5, 2016

Intermedia Arts’ multidisciplinary, artist-centered performance series UNDERBELLY returned in November with a new movement piece by Magnolia YSY, a multidisciplinary investigation of depression by Queen Drea, and a theatrical experience exploring identity and freedom by brianne a. hill.

Curated by Shá CageUNDERBELLY is a nurturing ground for developing ideas, innovative and artistic collaboration. A bi-annual event, this Fall's electric curation explores isolation, visibility, voice, depression, loneliness, identity, and freedom.

UNDERBELLY included:

Choreographed by Magnolia YSY
With Rachel Miller, and Laura Osterhaus

2C, an exploration of and influenced by house dance, explores visibility and voice for women in the many spaces they occupy, labor in, and belong to.

Queen Drea's Soul Chamber - Solitary Confinement
By Queen Drea

Live on stage, Queen Drea creates a musical score for her short, multi-genre film about black women’s experiences with depression. Using song, spoken word and the personal stories of a mother and daughter, this piece aims to uncover why loneliness "is a hell of a drug" and finally kick the habit.

Skin and Masks
By brianne a. hill

A nonlinear theatrical experience following the journey of a woman who has been kidnapped for an experiment and now finds herself trapped in a box. Will she ever be free? Skin and Masks explores issues of identity and freedom. 

"The artists in this series are pushing boundaries in search of innovation and experimentation,” says UNDERBELLLY curator Shá Cage. “It will be exciting to see the risks they take on stage."

The Catalyst Series is a platform for transformative, socially engaged new work. Through performing, media, and visual arts, the Catalyst Series sparks lasting dialogue in provocative and visionary ways, showcasing work by today’s emerging and vangaurd artists. The series offers a pathway for traditionally underrepresented artists, emerging local changemakers, and projects that ignite innovation.