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September 12 - 14 & 18 - 21, 2014
7:30PM Thursdays - Saturdays | 2:30PM Sundays

Inspired by the real life experiences of Somali drivers, Vietnam vets, artists, and more, Global Taxi Driver uncovers a little known slice of the Twin Cities - and a unique view of the world - from behind the wheel of a cab. 

Director/Playwright Leilani Chan and TeAda Ensemble members Ova Saopeng and Blake Williams, have teamed up with local artists Pedro Bayon, Ifrah Mansour, Nicole M. Smith, and Gaosong Vang to gather stories of taxi drivers in the Twin Cities. Throughout the world, taxi driving is a gateway profession for immigrants, often taken on by people who were once farmers, soldiers, doctors, or lawyers. With the growth of ride sharing services threatening this occupation, these stories become even more urgent to tell.


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