» Sistah Solo | Being Brothas
Sistah Solo | Being Brothas

Sistah Solo | Being Brothas
Curated by Maia Maiden
Co-produced by Maia Maiden & Julian Hines
Presented by Maia Maiden


Sistah Solo
Strong.  Sophisticated.  Spiritual.
Collectively celebrate women of color and their solo work through film, dance, music, spoken word and more. The multilayered dynamics unfold to create a bond that is powerful and inspiring! Sistah Solo has sold out shows since its premiere in 2011.

Featuring: Al Taw’am, Destiny Anderson, Djenane Saint Juste, Jess Pierce, Lieutenant Sunnie, May Lee Yang, Mimi Solis, Queen Drea Voice-Loops N Effects and Tish Jones.


Being Brothas
Bold.  Brilliant.  Breathtaking.
The unique voices of men of color are uplifted through movement, music and more. Transferred experiences shared individually and collectively promote a connection of understanding like none other! May 2015 marked the inaugural sold out performance of Being Brothas.

Featuring: A+, David Stalter Jr., Ellemaj, Frankie Hebres, GodSent, Joe Davis, Jus Herb, Mike Queenz, Nate Kay, Radio Ahlee and Ray Dow.





With Special Guest: DJ Madre T. Rosa



Founder, Curator, Producer, and Presenter Maia Maiden

Scientist by day, dancer by night, Maia Maiden has been a pillar in the dance community for over 20 years. Born and raised in South Minneapolis, she has studied all genres of dance primarily focusing on West African, Hip Hop, and Step. Her work has been featured in Momentum: New Dance Works 2008, the Hip Hop Theater Festival and Fringe Festival 2008 in Washington D.C., Snapshots: Reflections of Women 2010 and the Catalyst Series 2012. Her passion for cultural representation in the arts has led to the creation of innumerable powerful performances including ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening, the first and only choreographers’ evening dedicated to Hip Hop dance and its’ roots in the Twin Cities, showcasing high school to professional choreographers and the multidisciplinary Sistah Solo | Being Brothas, which features solo performances by women and men of color. With sold-out shows since their inception and on City Pages’ A-List (2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014), ROOTED received a Sage Dance Award for Outstanding Performance in 2014. Contact Maia at maiden.maia@gmail.com.


Co-Producer Julian Hines

Interdisciplinary artist Julian Hines aka the JAHNERAL has created a kaleidoscope path in his artistry for over 10 years in the Twin Cities and abroad. He has studied various genres of dance primarily focused on West African, Hip Hop and Step.  As a member of Voice of Culture Drum + Dance, he trained and honed his craft in West African Dance. Abroad, Julian has taught, danced and held position as the choreography director for JAPAN ONE LOVE TOUR 日本, a concert tour to benefit Japan's Tsunami relief foundation. His own work has been featured in ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening 2014-which soon followed a Sage Award nomination for Best Ensemble (Nostalgia).  Taking a change of pace, Julian’s skills and talents took him behind the curtain as stage manager in numerous performances including the world premiere of Maia Maiden’s Sistah Solo | Being Brothas (2015) and Sage Award winning ROOTED: Five Year Anniversary (2016).  He continues to accept new challenges as the current co-producer of ROOTED and Sistah Solo | Being Brothas. Contact Julian at hines.julian@gmail.com