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#sayhername Work In Progress
November 28, 2016

#sayhername is an immersive, multi-sensory theater performance in response to our media-saturated contemporary times against the backdrop of racially motivated violence against women. Theater, puppetry, song and testimony tell the story of a girl named womyn who demands that somebody, anybody say her name!

With New York-based cellist Nioka Workman, Twin Cities vocalist Jayanthi Kyle, and a cast of cabaret characters, E.G. Bailey directs this unstoppable and provocative new work in progress. Shá Cage creates a utopian new world where justice and ritual can co-exist, infused with music, story, and truth. Adding hot tea and sweet potato pie to the sensory experience, the artists sweeten things when it's needed the most. 

This experimental theater performance is a ritual in reclamation, testimony, strength, and resilience. Themes in this work include police violence against women, cultural lineage, and historical cycles of trauma and healing. 

#sayhername is a work in progress, the third part of Cage’s 3-part Identity Trilogy preceded by Nword and U/G/L/Y.


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