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Intermedia Arts’ leadership program, The Creative Community Leadership Institute (formerly ICCD), is one of only a few programs nationwide to provide comprehensive, professional-level training and support for local community-engaged artists and community developers. Led by a core faculty of three of the leading thinkers in the field of community cultural development, Intermedia Arts’ Creative Community Leadership Institute has trained over 101 of the Twin Cities’ most active community artists, organizers and developers.

The Creative Community Leadership Institute matches people who work at the intersection of the arts and community development with the tools and experiences to address the social justice issues affecting our communities. Based on the fundamental belief that the future health of communities demands innovative, cross-sector leadership at every level, this program builds a dynamic core of capable leaders and partnerships over an intensive five-month program of hands-on workshops and on-site experiences.

Over the five-year history of this program, 101 active and prominent leaders in local arts-based community development and organizing have graduated from Intermedia Arts' leadership institute, including DeAnna and Roger Cummings, co-directors of Juxtaposition Arts; and Chaka Mkali (aka I Self Devine), Director of Organizing and Community Building at Hope Community.