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Bring talented media artists into your school or organization to give your youth the skills and tools they need to tackle relevant and timely topics from their own unique perspectives. Using Intermedia Arts' high-quality equipment, youth will gain valuable skills in production processes and techniques, project management, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, leadership, and more. Our Turn helps youth develop the creative skills and tools they need to become positive catalysts for change in their communities.

Call or email Youth Programs Director, Michael Hay at Michael@IntermediaArts.org or 612-874-2811 for more information on pricing, duration, and more.

"Our Turn stimulates our kids’ curiosity to an amazing degree.  By challenging them to do socially relevant video projects, it enables them to imagine anything they want to know and anybody they’d like to talk to — and then to pursue it.  We suspect that this empowers them more than they can appreciate right now.  To be given permission to ask questions and engage adults about things that matter to them is a terrific tool for learning.  That Our Turn staff encourages them to use it in socially responsible and critical ways enhances the benefit.  We consider it a great way for them to really think about the world around them, question why it is the way it is, and creatively engage — and perhaps even change — it.
They get video and project design skills that are important, too.  Becoming “literate” in using video production and editing tools is desirable, but even more significant is their experience of learning how to shape stories worth sharing with others.  When they choose key questions for their projects or edit material to craft narratives that are orally and visually compelling, they’re actually learning advanced communication skills.  From our perspective, that's invaluable."


- Danyelle O’Hara and Marc David 

Check out this sample reel of previous Our Turn projects to see how Our Turn might fit in with your class or organization

This program is funded in part by the Gannett Foundation, The Minneapolis Foundation, and Youthprise