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Photos by Uche Iroegbu

NuSkein Ensemble
Part of the Inside/Out Festival
September 22, 2016

NuSkein Ensemble is a new project of music, spoken word, visual images, and song that features Donald Washington renowned reed player and music educator; Davu Seru, literary scholar and musician; and J. Otis Powell‽, writer, performance artist, producer, and curator.

These artists have come together to create work around the transformations and identity shifts that occur throughout life and which help to produce "new skin" and enlightened consciousnesses. Also embedded in this collaboration is a tradition of creating original works of art from influences and cultural DNA that regards spiritual channeling and improvisation as essential to the artistic process.

The Catalyst Series is a platform for transformative, socially engaged new work. Through performing, media, and visual arts, the Catalyst Series sparks lasting dialogue in provocative and visionary ways, showcasing work by today’s emerging and vangaurd artists. The series offers a pathway for traditionally underrepresented artists, emerging local changemakers, and projects that ignite innovation.