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Storytelling Bus + Potluck Feast + Talking Circle: Dimensions of Indigeneity in Minnesota
January 29, 2017 | 3-5PM

As part of the visual art exhibition Dimensions of Indigenous & Cultural Identity Politics, a Storytelling Bus picked community members up at locations around the Twin Cities. We listened to and shared stories by Al Gross, Lupe Castillo, and more. At Intermedia Arts, Jessica Lopez Lyman, PhD and Ashley Fairbanks, White Earth Nation, moderated a talking circle with a diverse panel of artists, educators, and cultural community organizers including Brittany Anderson, Sasha Brown, Dr. M. Bianet Castellanos, Lupe Catillo, Liza Guerra Garcia, Esq., Sammie Ardito Rivera, and Dr. Gabriela Spears-Rico. In a poignant conversation, we will discussed dimensions of Indigeneity and cultural identity politics as it relates to our shared liberation. 


The semi-annual all nations art exhibition series, Dimensions of Indigenous originated with Los Nativos, a local Rhymesayers Chicano hip hop group, in 2003. Los Nativos, who hosts the Anti-Columbus Day concert, featured Indigenous artists of the North and South as a way for Chicano artists to carve out a space for the counter-narrative as Indigenous identified Chicano artists and for nation-bridging as a Native arts community in the Twin Cities. Innovative for it’s time, the art portion soon outgrew the small concert venue in the 7th Street Entry and 
Dimensions of Indigenous , the art exhibition series was birthed in 2005. With a mission of uniting Indigenous artists of the 4 directions around common themes of Decolonization, Identity, Resistance, & Survival, Dimensions of the Indigenous has featured artists from over 25 first nations and planted the seeds for cross-continental understanding as Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Today, as more and more work continues to emerge around this theme, Dimensions of Indigenous  evolves into deeper and more specific themes around Cultural Identity Politics and the invisible barriers of colonial thinking that keep our communities divided.

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