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Partnership with Robbinsdale Area Schools

Spring 2014

Intermedia Arts partnered with Robbinsdale Area Schools to train high school students in filmmaking techniques in preparation for a Civil Rights History bus tour. Intermedia Arts' Teaching Artists worked with the students to create a film called Free(Dumb) that brought their experience back to their schools so they could advocate for more Black History curriculum in the classroom.This short video captures the experience of those involved in the project and was produced by the Media Active Youth Producers at Intermedia Arts.

Intermedia Arts' Media Active program gives youth media producers a chance to work on fee-for-service based media projects for non-profits, businesses and governmental agencies. This is a way for teens to experience more employment and business training through Intermedia Arts programming, developing job skills and earning stipends as crew members and creative personnel on productions. 
Under the guidence of Intermedia Arts' professional media staff, our Youth Producers work on your multimedia projects, from initial conception through production and editing! >>Learn More<<