Graffiti & Mural Walls

Graffiti & Mural Walls @ Intermedia Arts
Intermedia Arts’ outdoor gallery walls feature the work of emerging and established graffiti writers, muralists and street artists. We place a particular emphasis on showcasing and celebrating art created by women, artists of color, 
Indigenous artists, LGBTQIA+ artists, youth, neighborhood artists, and artists responding to political & social issues. 

Program Overview
Our walls celebrate traditionally underrepresented artists, artist-activist-changemakers, and projects that spark imagination and social change. Our vision is to create space where graffiti and mural artists can build community, share skills, gather, connect, explore, experiment, grow artistically, and amplify their voices in the world.  
Our Season
Our 2017 painting season runs May 29-October 1, 2017, with a rotating schedule of new work created by individuals, crews, teams, collaborations, and commissions. We are committed to developing relationships with artists over time, as well as to working with new artists, and artists at various stages of artistic development. We treat artists with respect and we value and honor their brilliance
The walls are currently full for the season but we will be taking applications again in early Spring 2018!

We provide artists with:

  • honorariums
  • paint
  • scaffolding
  • professional photos of their work
  • staff support
  • a welcoming environment with snacks and beverages during their painting week

Curatorial Process:
We reach out to artists through open calls each year, publicly posted opportunities, and also by extending invitations to submit sketches and visions. Our community curator works to build relationships, engage in listening, and seek out new, emerging, and experienced artists excited and interested in being a part of our walls. Artists are selected based on artistic quality, mission fit, capacity, and impact.

Key Staff: 
Joy EA Spika, Community Curator for the Walls  | Joy@IntermediaArts.org

We are excited for this season, and for this opportunity to deepen our commitment to artists of color, Indigenous artists, women, LGBTQIA+ artists, youth, and neighborhood artists on our walls!

For updates on Intermedia's exterior walls, including commissions, permissions, upcoming Calls for Artists, and opportunities to paint, contact: Walls@IntermediaArts.org