Intermedia Arts | Art. Changes. Everything
Intermedia Arts | Art. Changes. Everything.
Unrestricted donations from you, our community, are what make it possible for Intermedia Arts to be Intermedia Arts.
Your contributions, in any amount, are what enable us to be nimble and responsive. We are able to respond when the you say, “We need to have a conversation about this important issue in our community, and we need to have that conversation through art.”
In just the last few months, we have been able to respond when our Youth Leadership Council saw a need for a multidisciplinary arts festival focused on teens and youth. We were able to react when the demand for our programs required more staffing capacity. We were able to move forward when the community wanted to re-invigorate our outdoor gallery. All of these examples show how we are able to innovate when needed, and respond when necessary so that we can lift up healthy, equitable, capable communities.
Currently, 80% of the income that supports our programming is restricted to particular uses. It is your contribution, your $5, $50, or $500, that make innovation, responsiveness, and iterative programming possible.

When individuals give, we have an opportunity to innovate, to think outside the box.

It is because of you that we are who we are.
Your participation constitutes the core of our existence. You are welcome here, and we always appreciate your presence and your support. 

Thank you for participating in the construction of wonder, serenity, and beauty here at Intermedia Arts.

Warmest regards,

Eyenga Bokamba
Executive Director 

Please consider sustaining this work by making your contribution recur monthly or annually!