Employment Opportunities at Intermedia Arts

Position Opening: Production Manager 
We are looking for a technically skilled, mission-passionate Production Manager excited to be a part of a learning organization, a growing department, and a multicultural, multidisciplinary organization. Qualified applicants will have strong technical skills, a desire to teach and mentor, and deep care and commitment to our mission and community. Please consider, and share with those in your music, theater, and arts networks who might be a great fit.


Intermedia Arts is a multidisciplinary, multicultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting changemaking artists and community leaders in using art as a tool for positive social change. Our department of Equity & Public Programs leads the organization’s internal racial equity and inclusion work and presents the organization’s public performing arts, visual arts, literary, and film programming, providing support to community-engaged artists (emerging, mid-career, and established) for the creation and presentation of artistic work that engages audiences and communities in powerful conversations about critical social and cultural issues.

The Production Manager is responsible for managing production schedules; ensuring proper set-up, performance, and strike operations; executing technical aspects of productions, exhibitions, and events; maintenance of theater, stage, house, and production systems and equipment; and serving as lead technician and tech mentor for the organization. As a frequent face of the organization for artists and community members, this position requires a higher-than-typical level of interpersonal skills relative to similar positions in the field. We place particular emphasis on supporting the work of artists whose voices have been historically, traditionally, and intentionally under- or un-represented in dominant culture, including (but not limited to) artists of color, queer artists, trans*/gender non-conforming artists, Indigenous artists, immigrant and refugee artists, youth, and women. We try new things, take risks, and present works at a variety of levels of development. We serve a wide range of artists, from emerging to established, from K-12 to seniors. We value artistic process and artistic product, and regularly engage with community, youth, elders, educators, activists, and leaders in critical conversations and community-building.

TO APPLY: check out the full position posting PDF (below) and submit resume and cover letter to: Info@IntermediaArts.org
Position Open Until Filled