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A multimedia lecture by Dr. Melisa Rivière

August 26, 2012
at Intermedia Arts

From New York to Rio, from Nairobi to Tokyo: hip-hop - more than any other musical genre or youth culture - has permeated nations, cultures and languages worldwide. "Between (play) and (rewind): the Making of Son Dos Alas" is an engaging multimedia lecture presented by anthropologist Melisa Rivière about her experience conducting research on the globalization of hip-hop and its local expressions between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Using research data combined with multimedia arts, Son Dos Alas proposes hip-hop as an avenue for the study of social behavior and media as a 'place' for contemporary anthropological inquiry. The research consists of collaborative songs produced between rappers from each location including Tego Calderón, Anónimo Consejo, Siete Nueve, Los Aldeanos, and Intifada amongst others.

Rivière's research reveals that it is through value systems and common struggles, more than the four elements of hip-hop (rap, break dance, turntablism and visual art), that youth relate to one another and their global audiences.

"Between (play) and (rewind): the Making of Son Dos Alas" frames the research experience, bringing to the forefront the subtleties of fieldwork intertwined with the art of politics and the politics of art.  

This unique exhibit of Dr. Rivière's fieldwork, hosted and moderated by DeAnna Cummings of Juxtaposition Arts, will also honor the leadership and guidance provided Ph.D. advisors Frank Miller and August Nimtz.
The reception will feature guest DJ Omari Omari, traditional drinks from Cuba and Puerto Rico prepared by local "alchemist" Richy Rivera, and catering provided by Señor Wong.