Up & Out: Coming Home

Intermedia Arts' Youth Leadership Council presents
Up & Out: Coming Home

Up & Out is a multidisciplinary arts festival cultivated by and for queer and trans youth held annually at Intermedia Arts. This year’s festival, Up & Out: Coming Home, seeks to create an inclusive safe space for youth who are encouraged to celebrate and showcase their own capabilities through art that speaks to the power they hold individually and the power held by the communities they identify with. We encourage queer and trans youth to reflect on the legacy and impact they have had on society and to take up the space they’ve earned.
Up & Out: Coming Home will feature a pop-up visual art gallery, fashion show, resource fair, panel discussion, and art making workshops as well as free community meals!

Listen to a piece about Up & Out: Coming Home on KFAI's Fresh Fruit!

Up & Out: Coming Home Event Schedule:

April 28, 2017 | Friday | 5:30-9:30PM

Pop-up Gallery Opening | 5:30PM
Dinner | 6PM
Fashion Show with Dance Party to follow | 7PM
Resource Fair | Ongoing

April 29, 2017 | Saturday | 12-6PM

Lunch | 12 PM 
Panel Discussion | 1PM 
Art-Making Activities | 2:30PM
Art Share | 4:30PM
Resource Fair | Ongoing

Curated by Intermedia Arts' Youth Leadership Council

Intermedia Arts Youth Leadership Council members, realizing that the narratives of queer youth are often unrecognized and marginalized by mainstream media, decided to create Up and OutComing Home in an effort to highlight important work being created by queer youth. Additionally, the festival will offer space to foster leadership, mentorship, and recognition in an effort to reduce the barriers many queer youth often face when attempting to connect with adult mentors, enabling them to tap into a large community of support.

Up and Out is made possible through support from the Minnesota Alliance with Youth and YouthBank