January 16, 2017

Theater artists shine a light Thursday at St. Paul’s Park Square
Pioneer Press

Theater artists and fans will gather Thursday at Park Square Theatre to shine a light, as part of the Ghostlight Project.
Named for the light that is traditionally left on in darkened theaters “offering visibility and safety for all who might enter,” Ghostlight Project will find more than 100 theaters across the country participating, starting at 5 p.m.
Folks will gather under the Park Square marquee on Seventh Place in St. Paul, to illuminate their cellphones and other lights in a vow to support “brave spaces,” places where diversity and activism are encouraged. Local theaters joining to make the pledge — and sip coffee and cocoa afterward — include Sandbox Theatre and Mu Performing Arts, whose artistic director, Randy Reyes, is on Ghostlight’s national steering committee.
In Minneapolis, Patrick’s Cabaret and Intermedia Arts will have a Ghostlight event at Intermedia Arts, 2822 S. Lyndale Ave.
For more info: theghostlightproject.com.

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