April 1, 2017

A Note from Executive Director Eyenga Bokamba

What does it mean to spring into action? The verb, the noun, the double entendre, the ways in which we move, and the ways in which the earth moves us. We spring ahead with Daylight Savings, we have a spring in our step as the weather warms, we embrace each other and our communities as May Day approaches. 
Is it possible to spring forward far enough into the future that we know what the future needs from us?What does this present moment mean? If we could call the present the past, and look back at ourselves from the future, what would this era look like? How do our relationships, our communities, the organizations we believe in: how do we function in this moment of uncertainty? 
These are the questions I am pondering as we prepare to launch our annual fundraiser, this year with the theme of Escape VelocityWhat will it take for us to launch into the future of our dreams? What collective actions, which collective thoughts? How do we support free speech, human rights, the environment, our urban core? Who is at the table, and who not? And if we know this, can we remedy it in time?

On April 26, you are invited to join us as we celebrate our intentions to spring forward into a collective future of unparalleled inclusivity, creativity, and joy. Join us as we celebrate the leadership of Andrea Jenkins, who has served as the Intermedia Arts Board Chair for five years, and is now turning her energy to greater community service and leadership. Join us for a one-hour, multidisciplinary sojourn into the heart of creativity and ingenuity, the very bedrock of Intermedia Arts. You are invited to create this bedrock with us. The future is here. And as we all know, the best way to imagine the future is to create it


Ballgowns optional.

Festive attire encouraged.


In solidarity,

Eyenga Bokamba
Executive Director