Seeds to Roots: Youth Showcase
Intermedia Arts presents
June 3, 2017 | Saturday | 12-1:30PM

It’s time to flip the script. See things from a new point of view. Find some perspective in what is beneath, around, and through …
Join Intermedia Arts’ young filmmakers and more as they showcase all new work created in the Indy: Film for Social Change program and the Youth Leadership Council. Seeds to Roots marks the final showcase of work created by these young artists, who have progressed and grown artistically in these programs over the past school year.
Audiences will be treated to film and other work that pushes the boundaries of perspective, identity, and more.


“The Youth Leadership Council and Indy were always a space for us to make mistakes, take chances, try new styles, and grow in our craft alongside others.  It takes a lot of courage to create art and, even more so, to share that side of us with the rest of the world. This showcase is a reminder that there is a community that supports and listens to the stories we tell.”

-Kevin Yang, Program Co-Facilitator 

Refreshments and light snacks provided.


These activities are made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund and by Best Buy, and the Gannett Foundation.