Clear skin. White teeth. Red lips. Painted toenails. Flawless bodies ... Is this even real? Project Girl helps girls ages 8-18 explore the effects of media and entertainment culture through writing, poetry, and visual arts with nationally renowned hip-hop and graffiti artists Desdamona and Katrina K.

Project Girl is designed to equip girls with the tools to create the foundation for long-term change by developing and strengthening the skills they need to become more critical and informed consumers of media.  Co-created by Kelly Parks Snider and Jane Bartell, this program uses art-based workshops to build girl communities supporting resistance to harmful media messages.

Intermedia Arts offers Project Girl workshops and residencies year-round, developing and strengthening the skills girls need to become critical and informed consumers of media. For more information, please call or email 612.871.4444 or

Project Girl believes that it is not the girls, but rather the culture in which they live that is in need of repair, and that art is the tool to begin the transformation.

Look Critically  //  Take Action  //  Ask Questions  //  Be Real