Co-presented with Aniccha Arts
November 5-7, 2010
at Intermedia Arts

Words to Dead Lips journeys through an emotional labyrinth of sight, sound, and movement. Aniccha Arts immerses sinuous, percussive Indian-based dance in an atmosphere of captivating electronic soundscapes and hypnotic hand-drawn animations in this world premiere that ultimately questions the psychological dimensions of crowd control and the politics of sound.

Featured Artists & Collaborators:
John Keston | Dipankar Mukherjee | Jasmine Kar Tang | Pramila Vasudevan | Matt Wells | Sarah Beck-Esmay | Chitra Vairavan | Kayva Yang

Aniccha, derived from the word anicca in Pali, refers to the permanence of change. Aniccha Arts is an experimental and interactive performance dance company that lives and breathes the arts, searching for creative relationships between dance, sound, and media through interactivity. Performances have interaction between audiences, performers, and the media. Interaction influences the flow of performances which makes each show unique. Forms are usually derived from an Indian dance and music backgrounds, but usually adapt to the artistic skills and experience of the diverse artists. The content is created through conversation with various communities in the Twin Cities, addressing questions relevant to an ever-evolving community.