Equity & Inclusion at Intermedia Arts

Intermedia Arts is working to create and promulgate a culture of equity in
all phases of our activities (including decision-making, planning, implementation, and evaluation), while normalizing conversations about race. 

Equity is a journey; it is an active and dynamic process. Intermedia Arts is engaged in sharing power, access and resources with the artists and communities we serve.
We are currently mid-way through an 18-month innovation process focused on equity as innovation within our Arts-Based Civic Engagement programming, which includes the Catalyst Series (performing arts, visual arts, film, literary), Queer Voices, and our interior and exterior galleries. In Fall 2015, we will be testing new curatorial and decision-making processes; new financial models; and new pathways for access into and throughout our organization. These processes were co-created with the artists and communities we serve.
Start small. Implement what works.Though our initial “tests” are centered in our Arts-Based Civic Engagement programming, our commitment is to amplifying what works across and throughout the organization in Spring 2016 (and beyond).