All Night Mural
June 4 - June 5, 2011 | 11PM - 5:28AM
By JoJo of Murals by EROS and PEYTON of House of Daskarone. Attendees got up close and personal with two of the Twin Cities' premier aerosol artists in action, as they showcased their skills on Intermedia's front wall as part of the Northern Spark Festival!

Northern Spark: a nuit blanche

Northern Spark is a new MN Festival modeled on a nuit blanche or “white night” festival—a dusk to dawn participatory art event along the Mississippi and surrounding areas. In its inaugural year it took place the evening of June 4 (sunset 8:55 pm) till the morning of June 5, 2011 (sunrise 5:28 am). Northern Spark includes a diversity of art forms and projects including multi-story projections, audio environments with vistas, floating works on barges, houseboats and paddleboats, headphone concerts, and the use of everything from bioluminescent algae and sewer pipes for organs to more traditional media such as banjos and puppets.