November 16, 2016

How many times have you come to Intermedia Arts to experience solidarity? How many moments of beauty have transformed the inner landscape of your mind? How many moments of transcendence and joy have inspired you and buoyed you at the end of a long, trying day?

How many conversations have you had here in the last few days, or weeks, or months? Which connections have changed you, and shaped who you are, and what you think and feel? Where do you feel seen, and heard, and safe in our community? Where do you feel that your values are reflected and your experiences validated?

Now, more than ever, you need Intermedia Arts and Intermedia Arts needs you.Give to the Max Day is upon us, and provides a perfect opportunity to act on our shared values and needs.

Whether you are an artist, activist, scholar, gardener, healer, student, teacher, a parent of one or a parent of thousands: if you consider Intermedia Arts a home away from home, please give. You are Intermedia Arts, and no matter your artistic modality, your professional affiliation, or your leadership style, our complex identities make us stronger. Your gift, in any amount, allows you to shape the future of this place, your reservoir of hope in challenging times. You can create safe spaces that nurture your neighbors. You can create a haven for the celebration of all communities. You can transform limits into possibilities and silence into music. You can shape the future.  

Let's create the America that we want to see, right here and right now.If you count on Intermedia Arts to anchor you, please give. We serve nearly 20,000  people a year. If you are one of 200 people who can give $100.00, your will help us reach our Give to the Max Day goal. You will be impacting, for the better, the space we all share: a space at the intersection of hope and possibility.  

I hope you will consider a gift today.


Eyenga Bokamba
Executive Director, Intermedia Arts