April 11, 2017

Karen Kingsley Named Intermedia Arts'
Director of Strategy & Operations
(Minneapolis, MN – April 13, 2017) – Intermedia Arts has selected Karen Kingsley as the organization’s new Director of Strategy & Operations. Kingsley comes to Intermedia Arts from Youthprise, a nonprofit youth-focused community foundation, where she led strategic communications and public policy to create opportunities and advance equity for Minnesota youth. As one of the original Youthprise staff, she was instrumental in creating their brand, messaging, and social media strategies and in developing the organization's racial equity policy framework.


Intermedia Arts is poised to expand its reach as a catalyst for social change through the arts by growing the organization’s signature programs in Arts, Education, and Creative Leadership. As Intermedia Arts' Director of Strategy & Operations, Kingsley will work with the Executive Director and the Directors Circle to ensure operational excellence is brought to all aspects of the work. Kingsley is responsible for building the organization’s operational systems and processes to effectively support significant programmatic growth, and as such will direct development and communications, program alignment, new business development, financial management, IT, human resources, and the facilities and administrative functions of Intermedia Arts. A dedicated relationship builder, collaborator, and strategist, Karen will focus on the big picture to provide the infrastructure necessary for Intermedia Arts to live out its mission. 

"Karen brings deep expertise to this position, and I am delighted to welcome her to Intermedia Arts," said Executive Director Eyenga Bokamba. "I believe Intermedia Arts will benefit greatly from the depth and breadth of her decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, her leadership in the funding world, and her skills in business development as we work to expand our reach."

A Brief Q&A with Karen Kingsley
1. What attracted you to Intermedia Arts?
Having experienced numerous performances and gallery shows at Intermedia over the years, I've always been impressed with the work of the organization, it's commitment to uplifting authentic community voices, and it's beautiful and bold art, both inside and out. I still remember a one-man show about the sacred traditions of hula that was beautiful and taught me a great deal.

I was very interested in working for an organization that pursues social change with an eye toward racial, economic and gender justice. I also knew Eyenga from my previous work and was excited to support her leadership in advancing Intermedia's mission.

2. Why is art important?
From my perspective, art and arts-based approaches have the potential to connect people, help us learn, and inspire us to think differently. I am especially excited about how arts-based community development can help us solve large-scale problems by getting policy makers and community members thinking together in new ways.  

3. What drives your work?
My work is driven by three things: relationships, strategy, and justice. My favorite thing is to think together with a group of people about how we are going to tackle big issues. 
4. What do you look forward to in terms of joining this organization?
I am so excited about working with the creative Intermedia Arts team, meeting new people in the arts world, and growing my inner artist. Oh, and building infrastructure for the organization. I love systems!