Performance Run: August 27-29, 2010
Featuring International Hip-Hop Icons ROKAFELLA and KWIKSTEP


New York-bred hip-hop pioneers Rokafella and Kwikstep are celebrated for their high-impact dance style, signature bravura, and mentoring skills as educators and community leaders. In the early 90's, Rockafella and Kwikstep started investigating hip-hop as a proscenium performance art form. In August 2010, they brought their acclaimed hip-hop theater piece, Innaviews from New York to Minneapolis as part of Intermedia Arts' annual B-Girl Be Festival. The New Times reports, "playful intelligence is one of the points of "Innaviews," a series of devastatingly on-target interviews in which Rokefella and Kwikstep impersonate characters intent on discovering the heart and history of hip-hop. Using visual art, dance, theater and multimedia projections of the artists' families, the piece recreates a tender, knowing relationship onstage and makes a strong case for the Full Circle's brand of hip-hop as their thriving progeny, a reassuringly unruly, well-tended child."