Spoken Word Poet
Involved with Intermedia Arts since: 2002
Originally from Guinea, spoken word poet Ibé fled civil war in his native Sierra Leone as a youth, eventually finding his way to the home of relatives in the United States. With only two hours to pack his things and leave his family, Ibé learned at an early age to carry his words, stories and experiences with him always.  Now a husband, father, poet, performer and organizer in the twin cities, Ibé uses poetry to share his view from the middle of the Atlantic, describing what it is to be an African in America today.

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IBÉ was born in Kankan, Guinea; he grew up between Koindu (Sierra Leone), Evanston (Illinois) and St. Cloud (Minnesota). Naturally, he lives in “The Middle of the Atlantic”… with a mailing address in Minneapolis, MN. Ibé is the recipient of a 2010 Midwestern Voices Award, a 2009 Urban Griots' Cultural Award, a 2005 Verve Grant for spoken word poets, and a 2004 Minnesota Academy Award nominee for Best Spoken Word. Ibé writes that which he sometimes finds hard to say. Spoken word helps him say it. He is the author of “Bridge Across Atlantic”, a collection of poems about life between Africa and America.