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Photos by Uche Iroegbu
FOOR Folx Opening Reception
February 23, 2017

The FOOR Folx project is an interactive visual arts exhibition featuring people, photography, film, and the written word to explore the experiences of FOrmerly poOR Folx. What does it look like to live in between the lower, middle, and upper classes? What knowledge do FOOR Folx hold and where do they choose to apply it? How does being FOOR affect current and future ambitions? 

FOOR Folx is meant to inspire conversation around the often-taboo topics of class and class mobility, like the acquisition of wealth and privilege and its unseen effects on people’s personal lives, professional possibilities, and even entire communities over time.

The Opening Reception brought together community members from all sides of the socio-economic spectrum to engage with these challenging topics. As part of the reception, guests viewed the film Historically Robbed: Minneapolis which explores the historical aspects of colonialism and capitalism, as it connects to socioeconomic status. The film left audiences with a deeper understanding of the maelstrom of identities and emotions that contribute to being FOOR, and how it has uniquely shaped the consciousness of the marginalized middle class.


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