Youth Television Producer, Filmmaker
Involved with Intermedia Arts since:
High school student, journalist, volunteer, youth advocate, and media producer Estefania takes on many roles in her community. Her work is driven by an interest in exploring the diverse cultures of Minneapolis and a desire to shine light on important issues often ignored by the mainstream media.

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High school sophomore Estefania became an artist through Intermedia Arts' youth media programs. After seeing what goes on "behind the scenes" of the film and production world, she was inspired to take the camera into her own hands and into the community. She believes that every human has a story to tell, and finds purpose in telling those stories through media.

During free time after attending her high school classes, she volunteers in the community, sings and acts in the theater. Intermedia Arts has brought out her passion for excellence and provided an opportunity for her to express herself in a supportive environment.