Miss Brit
Poet, DJ, Entreprenuer
Involved with Intermedia Arts since: 2015
A healer, artrepreneur, and Beyonce enthusiast, Brittany creates and facilitates work that engages communities and advocates for black artists.  With the founding of her social enterprise, Visions Merging, in 2016, she continues to make huge strides in addressing social change through art and activism.

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What are three words that describe Intermedia Arts?


What kind of art do you practice?

The art I practice extends over a range of media.  I am a digital storyteller through radio, television and film, as well as a writer through spoken word poetry, blogging, and prose.  Additionally, I act in television and film and I also practice sonic therapy through DJing and curation.

How did you become an artist?

I’ve always been one. I was affirmed in my artistry in elementary school when I got accepted into the Lundstrum Center for Performing Arts. The training I received at Lundstrum set the foundation for me to be a performing artist for life.

How do you engage community in your practice?

I founded a social enterprise last year (Visions Merging) that works at the intersection of art and community development. I create jobs and funding opportunities for artists from historically marginalized communities, while using their art to fulfill the needs of local organizations and corporations. I work with both the artists and the organizations to ensure that they’re prepared for their cross sector collaborations through technical assistance, management consulting, and project management. In less than a year my organization has supported the distribution of over $30k in grants, and have provided 50+ black artists with opportunities to grow and thrive as creatives.

I curate a monthly performance art event dedicated to healing called The Feels. On average we support 5-8 artists a month with a performance opportunity, compensation, promotion, and the invitation to be vulnerable in a safe space. My team and I (Soul Tools, Visions Merging, Liani Rey Creative, ANSR, and KBEM) have been doing this work since 2015.

How has art impacted your community?

My ancestors saw the art in stars and used it as inspiration and a guiding path to liberation. Our songs held our secrets in our quest towards freedom, and they still do to this day.

What motivates you?

I think about all the times I could’ve died and didn’t. Every breath (when I’m conscious to take them) is a reminder that I exist for a reason much greater than myself. The opportunity to live in my divine purpose motivates me to get out of bed every morning, even when I’m tired, and kick some ass.

What has been your greatest joy as an artist?

Finding my unapologetic purpose and truth. Recognizing that it doesn’t have to look like anyone else's, and that I don’t have to qualify my journey to anyone. My purpose is uniquely mine, and owning that without permission has given me unspeakable joy.

How did you find your true voice in your artistic career?

My true voice has always existed in every stage of my career and being, because it was the only voice I had. I’m just now getting to the state where my true voice is in alignment with what I know it has the potential to be, and I’m working on it every day.


Both as the artist and as the audience we have the power to shift the world and the way we exist in it. Perception is reality, even if it’s not universal truth.
- Miss Brit

How does your art influence the world?

The intention behind art is incredibly important. So is the interpretation. I create art with the intent to heal the world and myself, but its interpretation is out of my control. Both as the artist and as the audience we have the power to shift the world and the way we exist in it. Perception is reality, even if it's not universal truth. So we make concessions, and how we think, believe, act and feel becomes our world. My art is my reality, and my perception of the world. It’s proof that the world has been tough, but that it won’t end before our liberation comes.

How has Intermedia Arts been a part of your story?

Intermedia Arts has been the cosmic and divine “yes” to the question of if I could do this artist thing for real. In 2015, I was a VERVE grant recipient, and now I am a VERVE Grant Associate Facilitator as well as a 2017 Beyond the Pure grant recipient.

One of my most powerful experiences at Intermedia Arts was when one of my cohort members began singing during a writing session. Their voice was truly angelic and I’ll never forget it. A few days they became an angel. Since then I’ve been convicted to listen more intently when heaven is calling, and to become more of myself.


Brittany “Miss Brit” Lynch (she/her/hers) is a DJ, poet, and entrepreneur who fiercely advocates for artists in communities of color. Her work exists at the intersection of media, art, curation and social justice, and community healing. She was named a “Rising Star” by WCCO’s Urban Perspectives and one of 5 “Influential Young Black Leaders” by The Star Tribune. She’s a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in the Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance with an emphasis on African and African American Culture. Miss Brit has been awarded a Verve Spoken Word Grant, Beyond The Pure Grant, and Legacy award for her work in healing communities through art based engagement. She’s a published writer, radio host, traveling DJ, and social entrepreneur. Her company Visions Merging continues to advocate at the state and city level for intentional urban planning and development that serves its residents and preserves it’s cultural history. For more info visit HeyMissBrit.com or VisionsMerging.com