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Advantage Labs
www.advantagelabs.com | email

We are a small consulting firm that helps nonprofits and small businesses tackle the big challenges of online community.  As online strategists and contributing experts for the Drupal CMS, we've learned a lot along the way, and we're happy to share our knowledge with everyone.

We are a highly-technical development firm.  We contribute and support dozens of Drupal modules and provide training, support, and managed hosting for small and large Drupal projects. We share what we learn from our development initiatives with the community, and we work with the community to inform development goals and solutions. Virtually everything we do is made available as a contribution to the open source community. We don't call this "giving back", we call this "strengthening the resources we depend on."

Electric Citizen
http://www.electriccitizen.com | t. 612.466.0020

Electric Citizen creates online tools and and websites to solve real world problems. We provide web design, development and online strategy, from desktops to mobile. We love open-source tools like Drupal, and being part of the Minneapolis-St.Paul community. ArtsHub is the place where our team members work together, meet with clients, and collaborate on projects.

Dan Moriarty, Creative Director
Tim Broeker, Technical Director

Data Curation Experts (DCE)

www.curationexperts.com | e. contact@curationexperts.com | t. 612.524.8484

DCE is a small software development group that collaborates with librarians, archivists, and curators to write open source software that helps various public and non-profit institutions make their digital collections discoverable and accessible on the internet. We work with large university libraries, museums, public broadcasters and a variety of other cultural heritage institutions across the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Mark Bussey, Managing Director | mark@curationexperts.com
Shanita John, Project Manager | shanita@curationexperts.com

The Givens Foundation for African American Literature
www.givens.org | e. info@givens.org | t. 952.831.2555

The mission of the Givens Foundation for African American Literature is to enrich cultural awareness and learning through programs that promote and celebrate black literature and writers.  Givens Foundation programs engage nearly 5,000 students, educators, readers and writers in the Twin Cities each year. 

In the last five years, our literary arts education program, Spirited Minds and Strong Souls Singing, has become an innovative solution that has supported the academic engagement of more than 6,000 Twin Cities students by delivering black literary artists and storytellers into classrooms to use African American literature as a springboard for teaching reading and writing. 

Our NOMMO African American Authors Series has explored the state of the art of African American literature with literary masters such as Amiri Baraka, Angela Davis, Yusef Komunyakaa, Ishmael Reed, Sonia Sanchez, Ntozake Shange, and John Edgar Wideman. 

Our Givens Black Writers Collaborative Retreat pairs national and state mentoring authors with emerging black writers to promote the “writing life” and to seed the future of African American literature. Lastly, our Givens Black Books Community Reading Campaign has increased access to quality literature in the African American community and has featured diverse activities and events that encourage reading as an integral part of daily life for more than 800 participants.

Arleta Little, Executive Director
Eartha Bell, Assistant Director


Green Card Voices
www.greencardvoices.org | t. 612.889.7635

Green Card Voices utilizes digital storytelling to share personal narratives of America’s immigrants, fostering tolerance and establishing a better understanding between the immigrant and non-immigrant population. Our dynamic, video-based platform is designed to empower a variety of educational institutions, community groups and individuals alike to acquire first-person perspective about immigrants’ lives, increasing the appreciation of the immigrant experience in America.

Our video-based platform is designed to empower a variety of educational institutions, community groups and individuals to acquire a first-person perspective about immigrants’ lives.

Thus far we have recorded 50 stories in Minneapolis and New York City, edited them down to five minute video clips, and made them available free of charge on our website. We have also started pilot programs in three Minneapolis middle schools, and opened our first touring photo exhibition at the Hennepin County’s Hosmer Library in October, 2013. This exhibition features many current immigrants’ stories. Our stories and services will be provided nationwide through our platform. Our engagement with educational institutions will begin in Minnesota schools and expand, overtime, beginning with the states that have a significant immigrant population.

Immigration is a central part of the American experience, and has been a topic of national dialogue with every wave of immigration since our nation’s founding. With each wave, our nation’s identity is redefined and expanded as the new immigrants assimilate into our local cultures and remind us of old debates. The newest wave of immigration has re-ignited the national debate by hailing from Latin America, Asia and Africa, unlike previous waves predominately originating from Europe. These immigrants have transformed our nation’s communities by vastly increasing the percentage of ethnic minorities. Ethnic minorities currently make up 37 of the United States’ population, and will constitute an absolute majority of the nation’s children by 2020. Myths and stereotypes about immigration are still common and our country has yet to find an effective platform for sharing the stories, and voicing the economic and social challenges and contributions of our 40 million foreign born Americans.

We know organizations such as Khan Academy, Cousera, Big Think, TED Talks and Shoah Iwitness are transforming the way our generation learns. Green Card Voices has applied these successful models to get the stories of immigrants out and in schools, community groups, colleagues, and even business. Presently, children are raised on video and when they see someone on video, they make a connection quicker. Brene Brown could not have stated it better when she wrote that “stories are [just] data with a soul.” Green Card Voices thus uses compelling informative and diverse video testimonies all available in an on-line platform full of dynamic tools for empowering students to acquire new knowledge. Through our on-line application, students are encouraged to watch, search, listen, share, discuss and LEARN from first person accounts of immigrants. Video stories also make learning relevant and engaging and above all more memorable. “Story is up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone” according to Jerome Bauer.

Tea Rozman-Clark, Executive Director |

Line Break Media
www.linebreakmedia.org www.facebook.com/linebreakmedia | t. 612.968.4707

Founded in the spring of 2011, Line Break Media exists to support groups and individuals working for justice in their communities through multimedia production and training. Line Break is currently working on several projects in the Twin Cities and across the globe to develop powerful narratives and messaging related to food justice, climate justice, community radio, race equity, and media literacy and training.

Erick Boustead | erick@linebreakmedia.org
Nolan Morice | nolan@linebreakmedia.org

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA)

http://www.thewedge.org | t. 612.308.1737 | facebook.com/TheWedgeNeighborhood

Welcome to the dynamic South Minneapolis neighborhood of Lowry Hill East, also known as The Wedge. Since 1972, this neighborhood has been represented by the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association – a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works on behalf of our neighborhood.

The members of the LHENA Board are tremendous advocates for the people and businesses of Lowry Hill East and do a phenomenal job on their behalf. But our organization is strongest and most effective when people from all walks of life join in ways both large and small to make our part of this city a better place to live.

So please peruse our site, attend one of our meetings (all are open to the public), get involved on a project, subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Facebook, or simply write us a note and we will work together to advance our common goals.

The LHENA board meets the third Wednesday of every month except in December when LHENA hosts a neighborhood holiday party. Check our website for board agendas and information about social events and committee meetings.

Leslie Foreman | LHENAPres@gmail.com

Tina Erazmus | WedgeCoordinator@gmail.com


mnnorml.org | legalizeitmn@mnnorml.org | t. 612.432.9672

Minnesota NORML is a nonprofit membership-based grassroots lobbying organization incorporated in Minnesota. We are the statewide affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML.) Our mission is to repeal Minnesota's cannabis prohibition laws so that responsible uses of cannabis by adults are no longer subject to penalty.

Marcus Harcus, Executive Director
Leroy Duncan, Organizing and Training Director
Brett Hoese, Board Treasurer

Patrick's Cabaret
patrickscabaret.org | info@patrickscabaret.org | t. 612.724.6273

Since 1986, Patrick's Cabaret has been and continues to be an artistic home and point of intersection for emerging and established artists working on the edge of culture, whether because of radical content, experimental form, or cultural marginality. We support artists in their growth and development by encouraging them to try new things, take risks, and present works-in-progress. We are committed to serving artists of color, with disabilities, and on the LGBTQ spectrum, forwarding a radically inclusive creative community where artists on the margins can thrive.

Programming at the Cabaret is community-driven, with artists selected and supported by Executive Artistic Director Scott Artley. Cabaret Events -- the cornerstone and namesake of Patrick's Cabaret's programming -- includes both themed and open-ended events created from calls for performers, while the Guest Curator program invites emerging and established curators to bring their own events to the stage. As we move into a new era outside the walls of the firehouse building where we made our home from 1999 to 2016, Patrick's Cabaret continues to bring exciting, transformative work to the Twin Cities in a more agile, mobile form, presenting work at venues throughout the region.

We work odd hours, so please send us a message if you'd like to stop by our office.

Scott Artley, Executive Artistic Director

Small Multiples
smallmultiples.coop | hello@smallmultiples.coop | t. 510.545.9235

Small Multiples is a worker-owned cooperative focused on graphic design and web development. Our mission is to support social and economic justice by designing and developing thoughtful media, while sustaining a long-lasting, democratic business. To us, thoughtful media means websites, books, brand identities, and other beautiful and intentional forms of communication that deliver real value to clients and memorable experiences to audiences.

Alexander Hage is a graphic designer based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Prior to Small Multiples, he worked for six years at Golden Arrows, an art and design cooperative based in Boston, and whose two members also spent time in residence in Mexico City and Philadelphia. Alexander was one of the organizers of Feast Mass, a recurring micro-grant fundraising supper, and helped start a creative cooperative workspace called Make Shift Boston. alex@smallmultiples.coop

Rocket Lee is web developer and user experience designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before co-founding Small Multiples in 2015, Rocket worked for seven years at Quilted, a technology worker cooperative that built websites for progressive arts, education, and non-profit organizations. During that time, Rocket also started designing radical games and completed their MS in comparative media studies at MIT. rocket@smallmultiples.coop


TerraLuna Collaborative
www.terralunacollaborative.com admin@terralunacollaborative.com

After years of working individually, the principals of TerraLuna Collaborative came together to form a cooperative research, evaluation and consulting organization committed to helping programs improve. TerraLuna principals are evaluation and organizational development experts who share a vision of what constitute a high-quality evaluation and who possess skill sets and professional backgrounds that are essential to plan and conduct these evaluation activities.

TerraLuna Collaborative is a cooperative consulting firm specializing in evaluation, organization and program development, and research. When we partner with clients, we bring innovative methods and expertise in ways that allow your organization to learn. And we care about the mission and values of the organizations with whom we partner. This influences the types of questions we can help your organization answer. Our consulting services routinely help our clients look not only at outcomes but at the principles that underpin the program or strategy development and implementation and bring those principles, strategies, and processes into alignment.


Veteran Resilience Project
veteranresilienceproject.com | t. 651.380.7669

VRP is dedicated to restoring the resilience that is inherent in every single Minnesota veteran. We are committed to serving the veteran population and their families by engaging the larger community about the urgency of veteran health and by offering any veteran suffering from PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Combat Stress, or any complications associated with Moral Injury a free, confidential, drug free, effective therapy called EMDR. EMDR has quietly become the most effective and safest structured trauma therapy, having helped more than 2,000,000 people worldwide process the memory of traumatic events. Don't you think our veterans deserve it?

Paul Riedner, Executive Director | paul@veteranresilienceproject.com